Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: What do you want

“The King Ding Yuan Princess Chen is here to see the emperor.”  Chen Ning slowly said it again in a deep voice.  She clearly articulated her words, saying them in a forceful manner.

She did not believe that the emperor would continue to ignore her!

“I said it before, we will see each other very soon.  Aren’t we seeing each other now?”

Suddenly, a voice with a slight teasing tone came from above her.

That familiar voice and tone made her tremble.

“Xiao Hei, why is it you!”  She suddenly looked up and found a familiar face in front of her.

That elegant face that was like a clear mountain stream and those deep, dark eyes.  If it wasn’t Mo Chuan, who would it be!

Suddenly, her eyes were opened wide and her face revealed a stunned expression.

He had always worn black clothes, but today he was wearing a bright yellow robe.  It lit up in front of her eyes, but also felt very unfamiliar.  

The emperor in front of her was really Mo Chuan?

That cold and proud black clothed assassin has suddenly turned into the high and mighty emperor.

Just from a change of clothes, that cold pride had turned into noble bearing.  A heavenly prestige that could not be offended.

“You….What do you want?”

Chen Ning still wasn’t sure if the young emperor in front of her was Mo Chuan or not.  The emperor suddenly reached out and lifted her stunned body up, walking over to the couch on the side.

Her heart suddenly began to beat faster, beating faster every second.

He was Mo Chuan!

He had a familiar clear smell to him.  That’s right, it was Mo Chuan!

Chen Ning’s nervousness and worry completely disappeared, being replaced by anger.

He was the high and mighty emperor with an unattainable status, but he had lied to her about being an assassin.  He lied to her without batting an eye, lying to her all that time!

She had actually believed his words, being foolishly kept in the dark the entire time.  He must have been secretly laughing at her and calling her a fool the whole time, right?

He, he, this really was ironic.

She had always thought that she could read minds, but she had been fooled in such a roundabout manner like an idiot!

“Do your knees hurt from kneeling?  I just wanted to tease you a bit, are you angry with me?”

Mo Chuan gently placed her onto the couch and sat down beside her.  His eyes stared right at her.

There was no one else in the room and his voice and tone was the same as before.

Other than his robe!

Chen Ning suddenly found that yellow robe very eye catching!

“You…..will beg to see me!”

Mo Chuan clearly did not say anything, but the last words he said before leaving sounded in her ears.

That’s right, he had already calculated that she would come request something from him!

That’s why he left without any hesitation and left with those assured words.

Wasn’t she like a beggar right now, kneeling in front of him for a request?

Waves after waves of flames of rage filled her and her chest almost exploded.

She couldn’t help closing her eyes.  When she opened them again, she was calm once again.  They no longer contained any of the surprise and excitement from before.

“Emperor, this is your royal couch, I…..This minister’s concubine lying down is not very suitable.”  She spoke in a strange and indifferent voice.  She wanted to sit up, but he pressed down on her shoulder.

Mo Chuan stared into her eyes, like he wanted to see into her heart.

She looked down and refused to meet his gaze.

If he did not allow her to move, then she wouldn’t move.

If they competed in strength, how could she win against him?

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