Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: Putting on airs

“King Ding Yuan, have you recovered from your injuries from the last hunt?”

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned pale.  He stopped and stared at Ye Ting Xuan, “Husband Ye, this king hasn’t offended you, right?  Why must you and royal aunt go against this king?”

Ye Ting Xuan smiled and said, “King Ding Yuan, the eldest princess just wants to have a word with your princess and as men we shouldn’t go with them.  How about we drink a few cups of wine first?”

He grabbed Chu Shao Yang’s hand and did not even look at Chen Bi Yun before walking over to the table.

Chu Shao Yang gave a snort.  He looked over in Chen Bi Yun’s direction before finally recovering himself and sitting down beside Ye Ting Xuan.

Of course he knew what she was doing.  She wanted to see the emperor and ask for a separation?

But no matter what tricks she would play, the final winner would be him!

Chen Bi Yun stood alone in the hall, with no one coming over to talk to her.

The wives of the ministers all saw her, but if they weren’t pointing, they would be criticizing her.  They all knew her status.  She was a Concubine Consort in name, but she was really just a concubine.

What these legal wives hated the most were concubines.

Chen Bi Yun’s face turned red and blue.  Hearing the insults from everyone, she was filled with shame, wishing she could bury herself in a hole.

Her intestines turned green with regret.  She shouldn’t have come here, it was too shameful!

But thinking about it, not long now, she would no longer be a concubine that everyone looked down on, but rather the King Ding Yuan princess envied by everyone.  She suddenly looked up and gave a cold snort to the crowd.

Soon, you will all be currying favour with Chen Bi Yun, this princess!


“Ning’er, this is the royal study.  My royal brother is currently inside.  You will go in alone.”

The eldest princess held Chen Ning’s hand as they moved through the various buildings of the palace, all the way until they came to the royal study and stopped.

Chen Ning bit her lips.  She was normally calm, but thinking about facing this emperor who she had never met but held her life and death in his hands, her heart couldn’t help being worried.

It’s said this emperor is as dangerous as a tiger, if he…..

“There is no need to worry, my royal brother is wise and decisive, and makes wise decisions.  As long as you tell him the truth, my brother will not reject your request.”  The eldest princess patted the back of her hand, “I’m going back first.  I hope that I’ll be able to hear some goods news soon.”

“Many thanks for the eldest princess’ care of Ning’er.”  Chen Ning felt endless gratitude for the eldest princess in her heart.

“You…..Ai.”  The eldest princess revealed a look of regret on her face.  She shook her head and turned to leave.

There were guards standing on both sides of the corridor to the royal study.  There were guards everywhere, with layers upon layers of protection.

Chen Ning slowly walked in front of the royal study and said in a clear voice, “The King Ding Yuan’s Princess Chen is here to see the emperor.”

“Come in.”  A clear and melodious voice came from inside the study.

The voice sounded very young and it was a little familiar.

Chen Ning did not have time to think about it as the royal study’s doors opened and she slowly walked in.

The moment she came in, the two doors behind her suddenly closed, giving her a slight shock.

She was like a strung arrow, with no choice but to fly out.  She lowered her head and her eyes looked up, seeing a pair of bright yellow golden dragon embroidered shoes in front of her.

There was no need to ask anything.  This was the emperor without a doubt.

“The King Ding Yuan’s Princess Chen is here to see the emperor.”

Chen Ning was giving a greeting bow as per the customs of this error, but her heart was also in her throat.

The emperor did not say a sound.  He did not give an “un” sound or tell her to rise.

She was kneeling for a while and her knees were aching, but she still did not hear a single sound from the emperor.

What was this?

He was putting on airs!

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