Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: Just like a fairy consort

There were two carriages parked at the palace’s gate.

Chen Bi Yun was in one of them and the other was prepared for Chen Ning.

Chu Shao Yang was sitting on the jade flower horse with a look of impatience.  His eyes were fixed on the open gate, waiting for the late Chen Ning.

He was wearing a dark purple formal dress with a white jade belt at his waist.  He looked even more handsome and that made him look even taller and straight on the back of his horse.

Chen Bi Yun lifted the curtain and looked at him without blinking with eyes filled with love.

She thought about how soon she would no longer be just a side consort or a concubine, but rather the true prestigious King Ding Yuan princess.  Her heart beated with excitement.

However, her smile suddenly froze on her face.

From the gates of the palace, a red clothed figure walked out, slowly approaching them.

Her large red gown fluttered in the wind like a dancing red butterfly, instantly attracting the attention of everyone.

Chen Bi Yun’s eyes filled with hatred as her long nails dug into her own palm.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were staring right at the girl.  Her face was covered in a veil, but the lines of her figure made her look like a fairy consort.  People could not help guessing what kind of beauty she would be under her veil.

“Why you here so late!  This king and Yun’er has waited for a long time!  Get in the cart already!

He spoke to her in the same ill tempered tone as usual.

Chen Ning was already used to this tone of voice.  If it was replaced with the tone he had last night, she wouldn’t have been able to accept it.

She was not angry at all.  She looked over at the cart that Chen Bi Yun was riding in and then boarded the carriage with a smile.

Chen Bi Yun let out a long sigh of relief.  Although she didn’t understand why Chen Ning was wearing a veil and covering her beauty, it suited her intentions.

She was most worried about Chu Shao Yang seeing Chen Ning’s face!

But it was good that after today, his highness will never see that cheap woman again.  From this day forth, she and his highness would live a long life together without anyone disturbing them.


Because Chen Ning had been late, when they arrived at the palace, most of the nobles and ministers invited had already arrived.

The carriages were parked outside the Gate of Peace.  Inside the Gate of Peace was the imperial city which no horses or carriages were allowed.

Outside the Gate of Peace, there were many horse carriages parked there.  From the number of horses, one could tell just how many people had come to the banquet.

Chu Shao Yang dismounted and walked over to Chen Bi Yun’s cart, carefully helping her down.  He did not even spare a glance for Chen Ning’s cart.

It was a good thing that Chen Ning did not expect any help.  She jumped off with a flip of a skirt, moving very smoothly.

Chen Bi Yun’s heart was filled with sweetness and pride as she deliberately said, “Your highness, elder sister is your legal princess, so you should walk with elder sister.”

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold snort and said nothing.

Chen Ning smiled while waving her hand before saying, “No need, no need, you two are a match made in heaven and should walk together.  I as an outsider shouldn’t be here to obstruct your eyes.”

She took the lead in entering the Gate of Peace, where sedans were waiting for them.  It was prepared by the palace to receive the ministers and the royal family members.

She sat down in a sedan and four eunuchs lifted it up, swaying as they walked forward.

Since it was a spring flower banquet, the feast had been arranged in the royal flower gardens.

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