Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 354

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Chapter 354: Making his intestines turn green with regret

Chen Bi Yun was so shocked that she almost did not dare believe her ears.

She said in a trembling voice, “Your highness, can Yun’er really go with you?  Yun’er is only a Concubine Consort and it should be elder sister who should go with your highness.”

Chu Shao Yang stared at her and said, “Of course she will go, but this king hopes the woman by this king’s side will be you.”

“I……I……”  Chen Bi Yun was completely willing, but thinking of her own face, she was filled with hesitation, “Your highness, Yun’er’s face has become like this and can’t see anyone.  Yun’er is afraid the bystanders will see my face and make fun of your highness.”

“No matter what others say, this kind does not care.”  Chu Shao Yang said in serious voice, “I’m sure you heard of it already, but this king will be separating from that cheap woman tomorrow.  When that happens, this king will ask the emperor to make you this king’s legal princess.  When the time comes, this king will personally place the princess’ crown on your head.  Yun’er, are you willing?”

“Of course I’m willing!”

Chen Bi Yun blurted out, becoming so excited that she almost fainted.  This good thing that she could never dream of had actually fallen down on her head.

“Very good.  This king has already prepared a set of clothes and accessories for you, you can wear these to the palace tomorrow.”

Chu Shao Yang clapped his hands and Xiao An Zi came in carrying a tray in his hands.  There was a set of beautiful clothes on the tray that Chen Bi Yun could not look away from.

“Your highness, you are truly thoughtful towards Yun’er.”  She lovingly stroked the beautiful clothing.

“It’s good that you like it.  Have a good rest and this king will personally come pick you up tomorrow, so we can go to the palace together.”

Chu Shao Yang revealed a smile and tenderly looked at her before leaving with Xiao An Zi.


The tenth of april.  Chen Ning had gotten up early to wash and get dressed.

Today was a big day for her.

This was her first time entering the legendary palace and was the day that she would make the appeal for separation to the emperor, so she couldn’t be careless.

The three maids were running around her, helping her put on her clothes.

As the King Ding Yuan princess, her clothes were custom made.  It was a large red silk robe that was elegant and dignified.  That bright red colour perfectly outlined her white as snow skin.

Although Xiao Ru was straightforward, she still had a set of skilled hands.  She helped her comb her hair into a bun, revealing her bright and smooth forehead, creating a bun that had a bright, golden beaded hairpin in the center.

Chen Ning slowly stood up with jewelry adorning her.  Seeing the beautiful young girl in the mirror with a charming smile, she almost couldn’t recognize herself.

She always had no makeup on, but now that she had dressed up a little, it was like she turned into a sun that no one dared to look at.

The three maids were all stunned from looking at her.

“Young miss, if his highness were to see your appearance, his intestines would turn green from regret.”  Xiao Ru tightly clenched her fists as her eyes filled with excitement.

“Is that so?  Then when we separate, I’ll let him see this princess’ true face.  This princess also wants to know what kind of face he has at that time.”

Chen Ning gave a faint smile and her eyes lit up.  She looked over at Xiao Ru, “First bring the veil over.  When that bastard highness sees my true face, he will be filled with regret.”

“Yes, young miss.”  Xiao Ru obediently brought the veil over.

Although she wasn’t willing to cover up Chen Ning’s beautiful face, but it wouldn’t be long before the young miss separated from his highness.  When that bastard highness sees the young miss’ true face, his expression will be great.

“Princess Consort, his highness has sent someone over to tell you that the carriage has been prepared and is waiting outside the door for you.  His highness and Concubine Consort Chen are all there.”  Chun Tao came in and reported.

“Very good, then just wait here for my good news.”

Chen Ning gave a confident smile to the three of them.

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