Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: Blind date assembly

On the road, Chen Ning lifted the curtains on both side and looked in wonder at the palace around herself.  Seeing the buildings roll by, one kind after the other, it looked magnificent and beautiful.  However, to her eyes, it was nothing more than a beautiful golden cage.

She really didn’t know what kind of person wanted to live in a cage like this!

She suddenly felt a bit of sympathy for the emperor she had never met before.

The sedan stopped at the gate of the royal garden.

Chen Ning stepped out and saw a giant garden in front of her.  It was several acres wide and she couldn’t see the end of it.

The garden was filled with many strange flowers.  The spring wind brought warmth, while the beautiful flowers bloomed.  The beautifully dressed women mixed with the flowers, making the scene very festive.

What Chen Ning found strange was that of all the ministers invited to the banquet, most of them had brought a girl with them.

She looked over and saw that were many young girls present.  They were all slim and dressed up in beautiful outfits, but many of them had looks of caution and worry.

“Ya!  That girl in red dress, she’s so beautiful!”

“That’s right, the pin on her head is quite beautiful!”

“Her dress is even more beautiful.  I have never seen such a beautiful dress!”

“Who is she?”

The young girls in the garden noticed Chen Ning by the door and began to give out praises.  The young men in the garden also looked over at Chen Ning with passionate gazes.

Although Chen Ning’s face was covered in a veil and they couldn’t see her appearance, but this covered look just made her even more charming.

The youths’ eyes lit up and their hearts began to stir.

Suddenly, a group of young man surrounded Chen Ning as they tried to engage her in conversation.

“Miss, what house are you from?”

“Please allow this young master to offer himself.  This young master is the young master of the great scholar Xia’s palace.  I am nineteen year old this year and haven’t had a wife yet…..”

“Qu, qu, qu, you don’t have a wife, but you already have two concubines.  Miss, this one is the son of the Protection Division’s minister.  I have fallen in love with you at first sight…..”

The youths chattered around her.

What, what, what kind of event was this?

Was it a blind date assembly?

Chen Ning was completely stunned.  Seeing young and passionate faces, she was actually speechless.

“Dirty things, daring to play with this king’s princess.  All of you scram for this king!”

The purple robed Chu Shao Yang moved through the crowd and forcefully grabbed Chen Ning’s wrist.  His eyes were filled with flames as he angrily glared at the young men.

His face was like ice, being able to freeze anyone.

The young men all gave a shiver.  Seeing Chu Shao Yang filled with killing intent, they all quit trying.

“Chen Ning, stay at this king’s side.  You aren’t allowed to wander off.”

Chu Shao Yang’s voice was filled with anger.  Chen Ning tried struggling a bit, but Chu Shao Yang’s grip became stronger.

“Your highness, pulling my hand like this in front of her, aren’t you afraid of hurting your woman’s heart?”  Chen Ning gave a slight frown and revealed a look of displeasure.

“We haven’t separated yet, so you are still this king’s woman.  This king will not allow you to go off with this rabble and lose face for this king!”

Chu Shao Yang angrily pulled Chen Ning away, completely ignoring the loving expressions the young girl showed around him.

Chen Ning saw that he could not be reasoned with, so she allowed herself to be dragged along.  In the end, he wouldn’t be qualified to care about her anymore soon.

Chen Bi Yun bit her lips.  Seeing the two of them holding hands, her eyes flashed with a deep anger.  She quickly looked down, covering it up without revealing anything.

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