Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 353

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Chapter 353: She was willing to die for him

“So ugly!  Nanny, when can my face go back to normal?  If this continues on, his highness will no longer want me and will fall in love with that cheap woman Chen Ning!”

When Chen Bi Yun saw her face in the mirror, she wanted to smash all the mirrors in the world.

Even if she hadn’t smashed a hundred mirrors these past few days, it was still over eighty.

But she still wanted to look after smashing the mirrors.

Miss Chen looked at the mirror on the floor while advising, “No need to worry second miss, this old servant has already sent for the famous Doctor Xia to come and see you.”

“I won’t see him!  Seeing all these doctors have no use at all!  They will all laugh at me, I don’t want to see them, I don’t want to see anyone!”  Chen Bi Yun shouted while clutching her face on her bed, desperately crying.

“Second miss, his highness still cares very much for you.  Your face…..has become like this, but his highness still applies medicine for you daily, so you should feel happy.  This means that his highness doesn’t like you for your face, but likes you for you.”

This sentence from Miss Chen was useful.  When Chen Bi Yun heard this, she stopped sobbing and looked up with tearful eyes of pleasant surprise.

“Really?  Nanny, is this true?  Like this, doesn’t that mean his highness likes me?  Instead of that cheap woman?”

“Of course it’s true, this old servant has confirmed it over the past few days.  His highness is incredibly nice to you, gentle, and considerate.  This old servant is truly happy for the second miss.”

Miss Chen said in a sincere manner.

Although Chu Shao Yang had beaten her butt until it bled, she did not hate Chu Shao Yang at all.  As the second miss’ nanny, she couldn’t bare to see the second miss’ face like this, but his highness did not care at all.  He would come and visit the second miss everyday, personally applying medicine for her.

There was not another good husband like this in the world!

“Ya, second miss, his highness is here for you again.  This old servant will leave first.”

Miss Chen turned around and saw Chu Shao Yang’s tall figure appear by the door.  She did not dare stay and disturb them, so she quickly left.

“Yun’er, is your face better today?”

Chu Shao Yang did not even look at Miss Chen, only looking at Chen Bi Yun with gentle eyes.

Chen Bi Yun’s heart beat faster and she did not dare to look in his eyes.

“Your highness, Yun’er’s face…..it is becoming uglier.”  She lowered her head.

Chu Shao Yang held her chin and lifted her face to look at it, carefully examining it.

“This king had the doctor of the royal hospital create an ointment that will make your face better after you rub it on.  Come, let this king help you apply it.”

Not only was Chen Bi Yun’s face red and blue, there were also small pus bubbles that formed that continued to ooze out yellow liquid……

It was so disgusting that she couldn’t even look at it, but Chu Shao Yang did not reveal any disgust at all.

He carefully apply the ointment to her face before wiping his hand in satisfaction with a handkerchief.  Putting the ointment back into his sleeve, he revealed a gentle smile to Chen Bi Yun.

“Yun’er, your face will be as beautiful as before.  Even if your face can’t be better, this king’s feelings towards you will always be the same, never changing at all.”

“Your highness…..”

Chen Bi Yun was so moved that she was about to cry, but she forcefully bit her lip.  At this moment, even if Chu Shao Yang wanted her to die for him, she would happily agree.

“Tomorrow is the tenth of april and the palace will be hosting a yearly award bestowing flower banquet.  This king wants you to come with me.”  Chu Shao Yang suddenly said.

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