Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 352

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Chapter 352: She deserved it

There were no impervious walls in this world.  Very quickly, the news of King Ding Yuan’s Princess wanting a separation was quickly flying through the streets of the capital city.

Every customer in every tea shop and wine shop were talking about this matter.  They were enraptured by this topic and deeply submersed in it.

This was a rare event in the West Chu Country!

After Chu Shao Yang learned of this matter, his face turned blue and he gritted his teeth in hate.

He did not dare to go to court right now because the minute he did, the ministers that he was at odds with would come and talk to him about this matter.  Whether it was inside or outside, everyone was talking about this matter!

Thinking of the prestigious King Ding Yuan actually being separated by his princess, this matter was as shameful as being divorced.

“Chen Ning, it’s you.  It has to be you!”

Chu Shao Yang did not even need to think to know who spread the news.

Other than Chen Ning, there was no one else!

Was she really that anxious to leave him?  Was she really that afraid that he would go back on his word?

Chu Shao Yang revealed an angry smile and his eyes fell onto the newspaper in front of him.   His deep, dark eyes that had no bottom flashed with an impenetrable light.

Very good.  Since everyone was waiting to see Chu Shao Yang become a joke on the tenth of april, then he would let everyone be disappointed!


Chu Shao Yang’s guess was right, this matter was done by Chen Ning.

Her goal was to use the commoners’ mouths to send this matter to the emperor’s ears.

Otherwise, if she just suddenly came forward with this proposition on the day of the banquet without giving the emperor any preparation, it would be weird if she got an answer!

“Young miss, have you really made up your mind to separate from his highness?”

After Xiao Ru learned this matter, she was not happy for Chen Ning, but rather a bit worried.

“Of course it’s true.  Soon we will be able to leave this broken cage and breathe the fresh air outside.  The sky is full of birds, the sea is full of fish, this world is big and I want to see it.”

Chen Ning stood in the yard and took several deep breaths.  Her current mood was becoming better.

Turning around, she looked at Xia He with a smile.

“Have you had any news of Chen Bi Yun?  Hearing that I will be separating from Chu Shao Yang, she must be filled with joy, right?”

Xia He smiled and shook her head before saying, “I don’t know this matter Princess Consort.  Right now, the Concubine Consort Chen is full of worry, inviting doctors to come examine her every day.  There isn’t too many, but there is still quite a bit.”

“Yi?  What happened?  Has something happened to her child?”  Chen Ning asked in a curious voice.

Chen Bi Yun only swallowed a few mouthfuls of lake water and was stunned by the bees, it shouldn’t have much effect on her pregnancy.

“No, her child is fine, rather it’s her face.”  Xia He giggled and said, “I heard that Concubine Consort Chen was stung by bees and it hasn’t gotten better over the past few days, rather it’s been getting worse.  Her face is so ugly that she is willing to see no one.  All the doctors in the palace have already taken a look for her and prescribed medicine to no effect.  Her nanny by her side, Miss Chen’s hair went white with worry, sending people to find all kinds of famous doctors of the capital city to come see Concubine Consort Chen’s face.”

“Why did it become like this?  Wasn’t she just stung by a few bees?  Wouldn’t it be better in a few days?”  Chen Ning felt it was strange.

Then she thought of the unknown medicine that Chen Bi Yun put into the wine that day.  Working with the honey perfume, it attracted the bees over.  Perhaps it was an after effect of the medicine.

If she had not seen through the tricks, the one disfigured right now would not be Chen Bi Yun, but rather herself.

“Suffering the consequences of one’s actions, the young miss deserves it!”  Xiao Ru forcefully spat out in a hate filled voice.

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