Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 351

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Chapter 351: It’s a pity, but you’re not the one

Chen Ning was stunned.

What past did they have!

After crossing over, he was just a stranger to her.

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember.”  She uncaringly shrugged.

She was not willing to look over the matters between him and the original owner.  After the original died from her love for him, suffering pain and torment just for him, he had gone off with the original owner’s little sister.  He had even gotten Chen Bi Yun pregnant.

This kind of man, she, Chen Ning was not interested in at all!

When she just passed through, she had swore vengeance for the original owner, but the more time she spent here, she found that Chu Shao Yang was not as bad as she thought he was.  He just did not like Chen Ning and loved Chen Bi Yun very much.

In this world, there was no definite reason for a person to fall in love with someone.

On the fact that he had saved her twice, she already made the decision to give him what he wanted the most.  She would free herself, but she would also give him back his freedom.

As for Chen Bi Yun……She was evil hearted, so she would suffer the consequences of her actions!

Her words were like a large hit to Chu Shao Yang.  He almost could not suppress the flames of anger in his heart as his chest went up and down while he was breathing heavily.

Can’t remember!  Can’t remember!  She actually said she couldn’t remember in a casual manner!

She could not remember, but he had never forgotten!  He remembered everything that had happened between them!

“Chu Shao Yang, if the previous Chen Ning loved you, that is a matter between her and you, it doesn’t concern me!  What I, Chen Ning want is a man that will only devote himself to me, with his heart only belonging to me, never taking another woman as his wife.  It’s a pity that this isn’t you!”

Chen Ning’s voice was calm and indifferent, but it made the veins pop out of his forehead.

How could she be so sure in denying him!  How could she know that he wasn’t that kind of man!

He wanted to grab her and ask her in a shouting voice!

Chen Ning did not give him a chance to speak, her words flowed like an endless stream.

“Chu Shao Yang, if you really love a single woman, then you must respect her and never shame her!  Since you live Chen Bi Yun and she has your child, then you should give her the legal wife title and stop entangling yourself with me!  Although I am disgusted with her and hate her, I still pity her!  This is because she is in love with a man who neither deserves or understands love!  That man is you, Chu Shao Yang!”

These words had been in her heart for a long time, but she could not say it out loud.  However, he wanted to clarify everything, so she directly said it to him.

Her words were like a pail of cold water that doused the flames burning in Chu Shao Yang’s heart.

He tightly gritted his fists and said with gritted teeth, “Chen Ning, this king will remember what you said, not forgetting a single word.  Very good, since you’ve made your decision, then this king will help you.  On the tenth of april, this king will bring you into the palace and you can ask for your separation!”

After he said this, his lips curled into a faint smile.  Then he disappeared out the window like a wisp of smoke, disappearing without a sound from outside the curtains.

Chen Ning opened the curtains and looked at the empty room.  She could not believe that Chu Shao Yang would actually leave just like this.

Not only did he leave, he even agreed to separate with her……

This change had happened so quickly that she could not accept it right away.

She gritted her teeth as she jumped out of bed to close the window and tightly closed the latch.

These men all came as they liked through her window, treating her door like a decoration!

No matter what Chu Shao Yang was thinking, she had already made her decision.  She had to leave no matter what!

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