Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 350

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Chapter 350: How could she not care

Chen Ning’s heart suddenly turned cold.

She knew that he was not just scaring her.  She could hear a kind of animalistic feeling hidden within his calm voice.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Chu Shao Yang, what do you want to say.”

She did not want to continue going around in circles, even her manner of address became frank.

However, Chu Shao Yang was not angry at all.  It was like he liked hearing her say his name instead of her insincere manner of calling him “your highness”.

“This king wants to know the reason why you want to leave this king.”

“Reason for leaving?”

Chen Ning never thought that Chu Shao Yang would come to her room in the middle of the night just for this!

This was simply too strange.

Although she could not see his expression, she could tell that from the tone of his voice, he was being serious.

She tilted her head and thought about it.  Alright, since he was being straightforward, then she would not hide anything.

“There is a good ancient phrase for this, a bad person should not be wed.  You and Chen Bi Yun are suited for one another, being in love with each other, why should I get between the two of you.  I should just let you two be with each other.  Even if I, Chen Ning am a rotten bun, I hope that someone will treat me as their treasure.  You don’t like me, I don’t like you, so we should separate and go our own ways.  After we separate, we should not see each other again!”

She spoke without hesitation, speaking in a simple manner.

When Chu Shao Yang heard this, his chest felt oppressed and he felt uncomfortable!

He said in a hard to read voice, “You don’t feel any bit of nostalgia at all?  Back then, it was you who wholeheartedly wanted to marry this king.  Back then, it was your father that asked the emperor for this marriage.  Back then, it was you…..”

Without waiting for him to finish, Chen Ning gave a cold laugh and interrupted him.

“Back then, back then, back then!  The Chen Ning that loved you with no regret is dead, she was killed by you and Chen Bi Yun.”

She was speaking the truth, but to Chu Shao Yang’s ears, it sounded like she was speaking her grievances.

He fell silent.

There was something he wanted to say, but he had no way to say it.

“If, I…..”  He swallowed his own pride and spat out a few words with difficulty.

He stared at her behind the curtains with a fire burning away at his heart.

“Do you regret it now?”  Although he didn’t say anything, Chen Ning could guess what he wanted to say.

From the day he jumped in to save her without any care, she could already guess a little of what he was thinking.  She was not silly, but she did not give him any chances and did not let him have any dreams.

Since she had made her decision, she would cut off this trouble!

“Is there a need!  Chu Shao Yang, after we separate, you will be able to take your beloved woman as your legal wife, isn’t this what you wanted all along?  You are disgusted with me and hate me, in the future I will never appear in front of you and everything will be peaceful in front of you.  What you always wanted, now that I’m giving it to you, is there anything you are dissatisfied with?”

This was her first time talking to him with a calm tone.  There was no ridicule or sarcasm in her voice at all.

But when he heard this, he was filled with worry!

Because he could tell that every word she said was serious.  The more calm her tone was, the more she did not care.

How could she not care?  She was his woman, she was his!

Chu Shao Yang gritted his teeth.

“Everything that happened between you and me, can you remember nothing?  Have you really forgotten everything?”  He stared at her behind the curtain with a complicated look in his eyes.

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