Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: His head is filled with water

“Chu Shao Yang, you…..you’re shameless!”

Understanding the meaning of his words, Chen Ning’s face turned red.

She shrunk back into the bed and then realized that her move was dumb.  If he really wanted to force her, then she would not be able to stop his hand.

“Shameless?”  Chu Shao Yang revealed a smile.  He stopped in front of the bed, standing within reaching distance of her.

“This king is your husband.  Even if I wanted you tonight, then it is a very natural thing and not shameless, right?”  He said in a calm voice.

Chen Ning was so nervous that her heart almost popped out of her chest.  She forcefully held her skirt and said through gritted teeth, “Chu Shao Yang, you really don’t want face!”

“I don’t want face?”  Chu Shao Yang laughed again.  His mood suddenly became very good, especially after hearing her anxious and angry voice.  Wu, this is very good.

She finally stopped using that ridiculing tone she usually used to speak to him.

He liked this kind of flustered her even more.

“This king has something even more shameless to do, do you want to know what it is?”  He tone was very frivolous as he teased her.


Chen Ning forcefully bit her lip.

If it wasn’t for the familiar voice, then she would not dare to believe that the person standing outside the curtain teasing her was Chu Shao Yang!

This was simply too much of a change!

It was not the person that she was familiar with.

His eyes were always filled with disgust and his voice was always filled with anger.  Didn’t he really want her to die?

That’s right, water must have gotten in his head when he jumped into the water.

It had to be like this!

“Chu Shao Yang, if you have something to say then just spit it out, if you don’t, then scram!  Stop trying to tease my with this kind of tone!”  Chen Ning grabbed another pillow and angrily threw it out.

She suddenly understood and was no longer afraid.

If he really had ill intents, would he need to wait until now?

While she was still sleeping, he could have done what he wanted and eaten her up.

Chu Shao Yang hugged the pillow Chen Ning threw over.  There was still her warmth and her fragrance on the pillow.

It was slightly sweet and very refreshing.

He wanted to just tease her, but now his body was feeling a little irritated.  It was like there was a flame in channeling in his body and there was a bit of that meaning now.

He forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva and suppressed the urge appearing in his body.

“This king has heard that the eldest princess has promised to take you into the palace on the tenth of april and help you ask the emperor to let you leave this king.  Is there really such a matter?”

His voice was very calm without a trace of emotion.  It was hard to tell if he was angry or happy.

This fellow really was well informed!

Chen Ning whispered in her heart.  She knew that this matter could not be hidden from him, but since he knew now, this was also fine.

“That’s right.  Your highness information network is really good, there really is this matter.”  She frankly admitted before realizing something.

“So your highness coming here in the middle of the night was for this matter?  I think we can change the time and place to talk about this.  Doesn’t your highness feel that this situation is wrong?”

Chen Ning collected her long hair.  It was a good thing she was lying down on her bed, she didn’t want this idiot jerk to see her when she was wearing her sleeping clothes.

“This king does not think it is wrong.”  Chu Shao Yang said in a blunt manner.  His eyes seemed like they could see through the curtain and see through her.

“You haven’t seen this king’s shameless appearance yet.  If you continue to anger this king, then this king wouldn’t mind showing you what kind of shameless things I can do.”

Chu Shao Yang’s voice was very calm.  He was clearly saying something shameless, but he was saying it like he was having a nice chat.

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