Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 344

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Chapter 344: We have plenty of time ahead of us

That ointment brought a cool feeling with it.  After it was applied, Chen Bi Yun felt much more comfortable and her face no longer hurt as much.

But the sweetest thing right now was her heart.

She opened her tear filled eyes and nervously looked at Chu Shao Yang, “Your highness, is Yun’er’s current appearance very ugly?  If Yun’er becomes ugly, will you no longer love Yun’er?  Will you no longer pamper Yun’er like before?”

Chu Shao Yang curled his lips into a smile and the slightly evil smile made his face seem even more handsome.  Chen Bi Yun’s heart skipped a beat as she foolishly watched his face, not being able to move her eyes.

His hands were very gentle as he continued to apply ointment onto her face.  His beautiful, black eyes had a gentle smile in them.

“Yun’er, do you think that this king only likes you for your face?  This king can tell you that no matter what your face looks like, this king will still want to repay you for your heart, never changing my mind.”

Chen Bi Yun was elated to the point of ascending to the heavens as tears began to fall out of the corner of her eyes.

“Your highness, you’re really good to Yun’er.”  She bit her lips, excited to the point of not being able to talk.

Chu Shao Yang gave another smile and his gaze fell onto her slightly bulging abdomen before he slowly placed his hand on it.  This was the first time that he had shown concern towards his unborn son.

“You have to take care of yourself, you can’t let this child be harmed in any way.  This king…..will take proper care of you.  I will also be very good to this child.”

Chen Bi Yun was even more excited and she blurted out, “If this child is a boy, then will you make him your successor?”

“Successor?”  Chu Shao Yang was a little stunned, but his eyes sparkled and he nodded with a smile, “Of course.  As long as you safely give birth to this child, everything will be as you wish.”

“Your highness!”  Chen Bi Yun could not keep down her excitement and she couldn’t help jumping into Chu Shao Yang’s chest.

Chu Shao Yang held her shoulder and made her lie down, pressing a finger to her lip.

“The doctor said that your body is weak right now and is very cold from falling in the water, so you need to rest.  We have plenty of time ahead of us, so we can slowly talk about what needs to be said, there is no need to rush.”

Chen Bi Yun’s heart felt sweeter than honey.  Especially that phrase of “we have plenty of time ahead of us”, it filled her heart with reassurance.

Her eyes were filled with love and she gently nodded.  Then her brows suddenly knit together.

“What, does your face still hurt?”  Chu Shao Yang did not ignore a single one of her expressions.

“Your highness, tell Yun’er, elder sister…..How is elder sister?”  Chen Bi Yun gripped Chu Shao Yang’s hand and revealed a look of concern.

Chu Shao Yang’s face sank and he threw off her hand.  He coldly said, “That cheap woman, you still want to mention her!”

“Your highness, Yun’er is just wondering if elder sister is safe.”  Chen Bi Yun bit her lips and whispered.

“Then this king will tell you that cheap woman did not die!”  Chu Shao Yang’s voice was even colder than ice.

Chen Bi Yun timidly said, “Your highness, don’t blame elder sister.  Yun’er believes that elder sister did not push Yun’er into the water on purpose.  Elder sister must have seen the bees attacking Yun’er and wanted to help Yun’er, so she accidentally…..Nanny must have seen it wrong and mistaken it as elder sister pushing Yun’er into the water.  Your highness, you have to forgive my elder sister!”

She purposefully spoke in an ambiguous manner, adding oil to the flames, making Chu Shao Yang believe that it was Chen Ning’s fault.

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