Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 345

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Chapter 345: This king was angered to the point of confusion

She thought that after Chu Shao Yang heard this, he would angrily charge off to settle matters with Chen Ning, but she did not expect Chu Shao Yang to reveal a frown.

“Oh?  Yun’er, you mean that it wasn’t Chen Ning that pushed you in and it was just Miss Chen’s mistake?”

Chen Bi Yun wanted to bite off her tongue in regret.  She couldn’t take back what she said, so she could only vaguely say, “Yun’er just thinks that elder sister is not that kind of person.”

Chu Shao Yang suddenly stood up and revealed a look of anger, “Such a brave Miss Chen.  This king thought that she was your nanny, so I allowed her to stay by your side, but I never thought that she would be this useless!  Not only was she no use and caused you to fall in the water, she’s also causing more chaos.  This kind of servant needs to be heavily punished!  Someone, come!”

He angrily roared out the door.

“This king orders that the servant Miss Chen will receive twenty lashes!  If she dares to commit another crime, beat her to death!”

Chen Bi Yun’s face turned pale and she tightly bit her lips.  She wanted to help Miss Chen beg for forgiveness, but seeing the determined look on Chu Shao Yang’s face, she did not dare say anything.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she heard the pitiful cries of Miss Chen being beaten outside.  She could not help sinking her nails into her palm.

Miss Chen was her nanny and each lash caused Miss Chen to give a pitiful cry.  Each cry was like a painful slash across her heart.

But she could not say anything at all.  Miss Chen being beaten like this was because a single slip of the tongue from her.

She had wanted to provoke Chu Shao Yang’s flames of rage towards Chen Ning, but she had been burned by the fire instead, burning her on the butt.

Suddenly she felt like spitting out blood.

“Yun’er, this king knows that Miss Chen is your nanny, but if you don’t teach a servant when they’re wrong, the lord will suffer.  This king has sent someone to teach her a lesson because it is good for Yun’er, that way she’ll serve you properly from now on.  Otherwise, after entering the palace and such a big matter happened, if no one taught her a lesson, then how could this king respond to that?  Yun’er, you wouldn’t blame this king for being cruel, right?”

Chu Shao Yang said this while gently picking up a silk handkerchief and wiping the tears from her eyes.

The deep affection on his face completely stopped Chen Bi Yun’s words.

Chen Bi Yun’s heart churned.  Listening to Chu Shao Yang’s sweet as honey words, it was like eating honey for herself, but hearing the pitiful cries from Miss Chen, she felt like she was being fried in a pan.  She could not describe what she was feeling.

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she could only force it down.  She was gritting her teeth so much that she was almost bleeding.

“Your highness is doing this for Yun’er, so how could Yun’er blame your highness?”  She finally squeezed out these words.

“Come, lie down and go to sleep.  It’s most important to rest your body.”  Chu Shao Yang carefully helped her lie down and then personally placed the blanket over her.

Chen Bi Yun looked at him and hesitated for a second.

“Your highness, you…..why did you jump into the lake to try and save my elder sister?”  She bit her lips and finally said it.

Chu Shao Yang’s hand came down and he calmly tucked her into the blanket.

“Do you think this king would save that cheap woman?”  He asked in an emotionless manner.

“Then your highness, you…..”

“This king went mad with anger.  When I heard that cheap woman pushed you in, this king wanted to personally kill her and forgot that I could not swim, but it was a good thing the guards saved this king.  Yun’er, I caused you to worry.”

Chu Shao Yang’s words finally let Chen Bi Yun’s heart fall down.  She let out a long sigh of relief and then revealed a sweet smile.

Everything that happened today had been too excited and she was already exhausted.  With her heart finally at rest, she closed her eyes and quickly entered a deep sleep.

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