Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 343

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Chapter 343: As gentle as always

Every time the doctor took Chen Bi Yun’s pulse, he would gain a big reward.  Today he had given a precious tube of ointment and had been sent away with nothing.

“You can go too.”

Chu Shao Yang’s cold eyes fell onto Miss Chen and she couldn’t help shivering.

“Your highness, the Concubine Consort has just woken up and needs someone to take care of her…..”  She was not assured.  She wanted to stay here to help Chen Bi Yun, so she boldly spoke out.

Before she could finish, Chu Shao Yang spoke in a cold voice.


Killing intent came out!

Miss Chen did not dare stay in the room.  She quickly left while bitterly complaining in her heart.

She wanted to stay at the door and eavesdrop, but with a sudden “chi” sound, something penetrated through the door.  It slapped her face and broke her two front teeth.

“If you don’t go, then I’ll feed you to the dogs!”  Chu Shao Yang’s cold voice came from the room.

Miss Chen was so scared that she almost urinated.  She quickly ran away.

There was only Chu Shao Yang and Chen Bi Yun left in the room.

Chen Bi Yun closed her eyes, not moving on the bed, looking like she was still unconscious.

But her unsteady breathing betrayed her.

He heart continued to beat fast and she was in a panic, not knowing what to do.  She did not dare open her eyes because she was scared!

Although her eyes were closed, she could feel Chu Shao Yang’s gaze on her face.  She did not know what expression he had, but it felt like a thousand needles piercing into her face, but compared to the fear that she felt, she completely forgot the pain.

Chu Shao Yang did not say anything.

Chen Bi Yun did not dare open her eyes.

The room was very quiet, she couldn’t hear Chu Shao Yang’s breathing at all, like he wasn’t there.  There was only the sound of Chen Bi Yun’s forced calm breathing.

For her, this was a kind of indescribable torment.

“Yun’er, are you awake?”

When Chen Bi Yun almost couldn’t go on any longer, she suddenly heard Chu Shao Yang’s voice coming from above her.

There was no killing intent or coldness, just the usual warmth that was in his voice.

Chen Bi Yun’s tears suddenly came out and they dripped out of her closed eyes.

Her heart in her throat finally fell down.

She had thought that when she woke up, he would be questioning her and blaming her, but there was none of that!

He was still as gentle as before.

“Un.”  She nodded while sobbing.  She still did not dare open her eyes and look at Chu Shao Yang.

“The doctor left a tube of ointment that can help with the bee poison on your face.  This king will help you apply it, alright?”  Chu Shao Yang sat beside her bed as he took the tube of ointment.  His voice was completely calm and full of warmth.  Only his eyes were completely deep, like a bottomless lake.

It was a pity Chen Bi Yun could not see it.

“Your highness, you……why are you so nice to Yun’er…..”  Chen Bi Yun could no longer control herself as she began sobbing.

Chu Shao Yang whispered, “Because you’re always good to this king, so this king has to be good to you.  You saved this king eight years ago and this king still has not repaid you yet.  This kind will definitely repay you and treat you very well.”

Hearing the words eight years ago, Chen Bi Yun’s sobbing suddenly paused for a second and her body froze.

Chu Shao Yang did not notice it at all.  He was as gentle as always as he used a finger to take some ointment and gently applied it to her face.  His movements were very gentle, like he was afraid of hurting her.

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