Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 337

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Chapter 337: Underhanded means

Chen Ning followed her eyes and saw that the ship was approaching the shore.  There was a large flower garden there with colourful and fragrant flowers, and butterflies fluttering about.

With a breeze coming from the lake, it brought a burst of floral fragrance.

Chen Bi Yun revealed a nervous expression.  She used her right hand to pick up a bottle of wine and poured out two cups.  Raising one cup, she smiled as she placed it in front of Chen Ning, “Elder sister, this fruit wine is very sweet and very light, I’m sure elder sister will like it.”

Chen Ning had already notice that when she was pouring the wine, the pinky with nail polish on it had been gently dipped into the cup of wine in front of her.  She understood everything and secretly thought, “So you want to play this kind of trick, too normal.”

She pretended not to know and lifted the glass.  With a smile, she said, “If little sister says the wine is good, then the taste wouldn’t be bad.”

As she lifted it and was about to drink it, Chen Bi Yun couldn’t help holding her breath.

“Ah!  There’s someone there, it seems to be his highness!”  Chen Ning suddenly pointed to the shore on the left side.

Chen Bi Yun’s body trembled and she almost knocked over the plate of fruit in front of her as she quickly turned in the direction Chen Ning was pointing.  Miss Chen on the stern also trembled as she turned her head.

Chen Ning easily switched her cup with Chen Bi Yun’s.  With a casual laugh, she said, “Aiya, I’m wrong.  It isn’t his highness, but rather just a tree stump.”

Chen Bi Yun looked over and found it really was a tree stump.  She was so shocked that she broke out in a cold sweat.

“This fruit wine really is delicious.  Little sister, elder sister has already finished my wine, so why aren’t you drinking?”

Chen Ning smiled as she drained the cup she held.  When Chen Bi Yun recovered herself and saw Chen Ning’s empty cup, her eyes flashed with a look of joy.

She also completely drank her cup as she pressed down her shock.  When Chen Ning called his highness, she was so scared that her heart almost jumped out.

If he had seen Chen Ning today, her plans would have been for nothing.

She had already sent someone to ask Xiao An Zi about this.  Although this Little Mirror Lake was beautiful, his highness rarely came here.  That was why she chose the Little Mirror Lake as the location for this plan.

After seeing Chen Ning drink the wine, she set her mind.  She pointed to the flower garden in front of them and said, “Elder sister, look.  Those blooming flowers are beautiful, why don’t we move our boat closer for a look?”

“Of course.”  Chen Ning nodded with a smile.

She saw that there was nothing strange that happened with Chen Bi Yun after she drank the wine.  Looking at the flower garden, she remembered everything that happened today.  Touching the honey perfume in her sleeve, she could already guess what Chen Bi Yun’s plans were.

Alright, since she wants to play, then she would play with her until she was satisfied.

She slightly curled her lips into a charming smile.

As the ship moved closer to the shore, the flower fragrance became intoxicating.  The flowers blooming under the sun was truly beautiful.

As they watched the flowers, they could hear a strange “buzz, buzz” sound.  Looking at the source of the sound, they saw bees flying out of the flowers, approaching the boat.

This was a large garden with lush flowers in bloom, attracting quite a bit of bees.  However, what was strange was that the bees all left the flowers and flew towards the ship.

Chen Bi Yun gave a cry of surprise and quickly moved back a few steps.  She moved away from Chen Ning and her eyes couldn’t help revealing a look of pride.

Looking at the swarm of bees, Chen Ning’s eyes flashed.  She had already guessed what had happened.

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