Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: Going all in

It had to be said, Chen Bi Yun had spent quite a bit of effort on today’s sightseeing trip.  She had prepared some beautiful pleasure boats with fragrant tea, fresh fruit, and everything else on it.

Standing on the shore of the lake, she was smiling as she watched Chen Ning slowly approach.  When she saw that Chen Ning had a beautiful clear face without any makeup on, her smile froze on her face and she couldn’t help clenching her fist in her sleeve.

Miss Chen standing on her side noticed her strange behaviour and quietly said, “Second miss, you can’t reveal any flaws.  No matter how beautiful this cheap woman is, before long, she will turn into an ugly monster.”

Chen Bi Yun felt comforted by this.  With a smile, she affectionately grabbed Chen Ning’s hands.

“Why is elder sister so late?  Little sister has been waiting for a long time for elder sister.”

She had a red nail polish on that lined her snow white hands.

Chen Ning looked down and her eyes fell onto the nail polish on her fingers.  She looked up with a smile and said, “Every time I come see little sister, you are always so fragrant.  You’re even more fragrant today.  If little sister has such a good perfume, why do you not think of elder sister?”

Chen Bi Yun revealed a gentle smile, “Elder sister is misunderstanding Yun’er.  If little sister has such a good thing, how can I not share with elder sister?”

She turned to Miss Chen and said, “Why haven’t you brought out the gift for elder sister yet?”

Miss Chen took out a brocaded box and respectfully handed it to Chen Ning, “Princess Consort, this is a honey based perfume that the second miss wants to give you.  It was given to second miss by his highness and the second miss could not bare using it, keeping it to give to the Princess Consort.”

Chen Ning accepted it with a smile, “Mother Chen’s mouth is becoming even sweeter.”

She opened the box and found a palm sized bottle inside.  There was yellow perfume inside the bottom with a sweet smell floating into her nose.

In this era, glass was worth even more than gold.  This glass bottle was worth very much and it could be imagined just how precious it was after it was used to carry perfume.

Chen Ning knew how precious this was and she understood that Chen Bi Yun was willing to go all in.

She smiled as she picked up the bottle and played with it in her hands, “I really like this honey perfume.  Many thanks for little sister’s considerations, only elder sister came in a hurry, forgetting to prepare a gift for little sister.  I hope little sister won’t blame me.”

“How could little sister blame elder sister.  There is a lot of wind here, elder sister, let’s talk on the boat.”

Chen Ning noticed a secret look between Chen Bi Yun and Miss Chen, one that was filled with pride.

She pretended not to notice as she walked up the plank and onto the boat with a smile.

“Did elder sister not bring any servants along?  Did Xiao Ru not come with you?”  Chen Bi Yun looked behind Chen Ning and asked in a concerned voice.

“Xiao Ru caught a cold and I was afraid the wind would make it worse, so I let her stay at home.  Little sister must have plenty of servants by your side, so why did you only bring Mother Chen?”  Chen Ning looked over at the boats.

“Since we sisters are talking, how could we allow outsiders be present.  I ordered them all to stay on the shore, just having Nanny serve us is enough.”  Chen Bi Yun pursed her lips into a smile.

The boat was surrounded by transparent rolled up veils on all four sides.  As the wind blew on the lake, the leaves of the trees were blown up, giving them a clear view of the lake.

Miss Chen was standing at the stern, leaving only Chen Ning and Chen Bi Yun in the boat.

Although there was tea and desserts, Chen Bi Yun was completely absentminded.  She kept turning her head to look at the sides of the boat.  

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