Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 338

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Chapter 338: Falling for a trap

She had made her preparations.  At this moment, she took out the bottle of honey perfume hidden and sprayed it over the shit.

The bee swarm smelled this scent and then they charged right at Chen Ning.

When Chen Bi Yun and Miss Chen saw this, they couldn’t help revealing smiles on their faces.

Chen Ning whipped her hand and the uncorked little bottle rolled right by Chen Bi Yun’s foot.  Chen Bi Yun was focused on the good show and did not notice at all.

At this moment, the bees in the air suddenly changed their target.  They abandoned Chen Ning and turned to charge at Chen Bi Yun.

Chen Bi Yun and Miss Chen were shocked, not understanding what had just happened.

“Ah!  So painful!”  Only the screams of Chen Bi Yun could be heard.  A bee stabbed her face and it was so painful that her tears began to fall.

“Scram, you disgusting bees are crazy!  How dare you sting my second miss!”

Miss Chen swung her sleeves while chasing away the swarm of bees, while also loudly cursing.

The bees completely ignored her cursing and attempt at driving them away.  It was like they had a grudge with Chen Bi Yun as they continued to attack her.

Chen Bi Yun had been stabbed several times, crying from all the pain she felt.  Her hands were on her head, covering her face.

Miss Chen’s hands continued to swing her hands, keeping the bees from Chen Bi Yun’s face, but that just made them hate her more, stinging her even more on her head and face.

“It’s so painful!  Nanny, save me,  save me!”  Chen Bi Yun cried out.  Her eyes were already swollen from being stung and she could no longer open them.

Miss Chen ignored the pain and quickly, she took her outer clothes off, tightly wrapping Chen Bi Yun’s head.  However, the bees still charged at Chen Bi Yun.  They stabbed through her clothes and stabbed her body.

Chen Bi Yun was in so much pain, but she could not cry.

It was very strange.  All the bees were targeting Chen Bi Yun while Chen Ning stood three steps away watching them, without a single bee attacking her.

She was smiling like she was watching a play.  If she hadn’t seen through Chen Bi Yun and Miss Chen’s plan, then the one crying one the ground right now would be her.

It had to be said, she had not expected Chen Bi Yun to think of this kind of plan.  But then thinking about it, it was impossible for Chen Bi Yun to think of this evil plan with her intelligence, so it had to be the work of Miss Chen.

This Miss Chen was truly evil hearted.  If she remained at Chen Bi Yun’s side, there would be many evil plans to come.

Seeing the numbers of bees increase and the continuous stinging, Chen Bi Yun would die from the bee’s poison.

Chen Ning was never a merciful person.  If the enemy wanted to hurt her, she would repay it back ten times!

But when she saw the little swelling of Chen Bi Yun’s stomach, she could not bring herself to take the life of this unborn child.

“Good little sister, aren’t you confused?  As long as you jump in the water, wouldn’t the bees stop stinging you?”

She gave a gentle sigh as she gave this reminder.

That’s right!

The eyes of Chen Bi Yun and Miss Chen lit up.  Without any hesitation, the two of them jumped into the water one after the other.

The lake water quickly went over their heads.

After losing their target, the bees buzzed a few times before flying back to the garden to collect more nectar.

After Chen Bi Yun and Miss Chen fell into the lake, they drank several mouthfuls of water.  The cold lake water was a shock that woke them up.


They didn’t know how to swim!

They had fallen for that cheap person’s plot!

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