Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 335

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Chapter 335: Wolf in sheep’s clothing

The sky was clear and it was very sunny.  Chen Ning’s mood was as good as the weather today.

She sat in front of the dresser as Xiao Ru helped her fix her hair while looking at the smiling Chen Ning in the mirror.  Her mind was completely puzzled.

“Young miss, will you really go watch the flowers on the lake with second miss?”

“That’s right.  Don’t you think that today is a good day to go sightseeing on the lake?”  Chen Ning looked at herself in the mirror and gave a satisfied nod, “Xiao Ru, your hair combing technique is getting better.”

“But young miss, the second miss will definitely have bad intentions…..”  Xiao Ru couldn’t help saying.  If she could see it, the young miss would definitely be able to see through this.

She didn’t understand why even though the young miss knew that the second miss had bad intentions, she still insisted on going.  What if something happened to the young miss……

Chen Ning shook her head with a smile before looking back at Xiao Ru’s worried little face.  She couldn’t help laughing as she said, “Of course I know they have no good intentions, but I also don’t have any good thoughts.  Since they want to play, then I’ll just play with them.  There is no need to worry for me.  They think that I’m a tasty sheep, but I’m actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Maybe I’ll be very fierce and eat them all up.”

Xiao Ru gave a laugh to this joke, but she was still worried.

“Young miss, if you must go, then let this servant come with you.  I can at least keep a look out for you.”

“If you follow me and their bad intentions fall onto you, I won’t be able to help at that time.  Xiao Ru, why are you worried?  That Chen Bi Yun will not be able to beat me.  She cannot compare to me in terms of intelligence and the only thing surpassing me is her evil heart.  Why do you think that I’ll suffer a loss?”

Xiao Ru thought about it and realized that Chen Ning was right.  Every time the second miss tried to hurt the young miss, she would drop a rock on her own foot.  However, she never stopped trying and continued to provoke the young miss.

“Alright, you must be careful young miss.  If you come back with even a single hair missing, this servant will choke the second miss to death!”  She muttered.

Chen Ning laughed as she pinched her cheeks.  Standing up and turning around, with a smile she said, “Do I look good?”

She rarely dressed up.  Today she was wearing an elegant moonlight coloured shirt and a smoke like white silk dress.  There was no makeup on her face, but it made it look even lighter and more beautiful.

Xiao Ru nodded and said, “Young miss is one hundred times prettier than the second miss.  It’s a shame his highness is a blind man and will never be able to see it!”

She gave a sigh when she thought of this.  If his highness saw the young miss’ beauty, he wouldn’t be so cold to the young miss.

Although Bodyguard Hei and the Immortal Young Master were good, she still hoped the young miss would end up with his highness.  After all, the person the young miss loved in the past was his highness.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile.  With a flip of her skirt, she walked out.

“Young miss, you……Aren’t you wearing makeup today?  Aren’t you afraid his highness will see your face?”  Xiao Ru suddenly thought of this and asked when she caught up.

“Do you think that Chen Bi Yun would let Chu Shao Yang see my face?  If my guess isn’t wrong, Chu Shao Yang will not appear today.”  Chen Ning smiled and said.

The place Chen Bi Yun invited her wasn’t far, it was the Little Mirror Lake.

It was very funny when she thought about it.  Chen Bi Yun’s intentions were too clear.  The Little Mirror Lake was right beside her Flowing Cloud Pavilion, so she could go sightseeing on the lake at anytime, why would she wait until today!

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