Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 334

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Chapter 334: Two pronged approach

“No, not all are dead, that cheap person is still alive!  If we let her live, there will be a day when she could tell this matter to his highness.  Nanny, I’m scared, I’m very scared.”

Chen Bi Yun buried her head into Miss Chen’s chest and began to cry like rain.

“Nanny, I’m really scared.  I’m scared that after his highness knows the truth, he will no longer love me.  After all these years, he still hasn’t forgotten that cheap woman.  He has been thinking that it was me, that it was me!  That is why he loves and pities me so much.  I really am afraid.  Whenever he affectionately looks at me, I can’t help but think that the one he’s looking at is not be, but rather that cheap woman!  Nanny, tell me, is the person his highness loves me?  Or is it that cheap woman?”

She fell into Miss Chen’s arms, crying like a little child.

The fears that had been suppressed deep into her heart poured out like flood waters, shattering her normal appearance.  Especially since she was in front of her most trusted person, she no longer needed to hide it anymore.

“Second miss, the one his highness is of course you.  It can only be you and will never be that cheap woman!  As long as that cheap woman keeps her mouth shut, the matter of the past will never be known.  Eight years ago, you were very similar to that cheap woman.  As long as that cheap woman dies, his highness will never know this secret and the position of the King Ding Yuan Princess will belong to you!”  Miss Chen patted Chen Bi Yun’s back, comforting her, while a sharp glow appeared in her eyes.

Even if she had to throw away this life, she would remove the thorn Chen Ning from Chen Bi Yun’s side.

She suddenly thought of a good idea and couldn’t help giving a sinister smile.

“Second miss, this old servant has got it.  We’ll use a two pronged approach tomorrow.  Even if that cheap person escapes the first attack, she won’t escape the second one.”

Chen Bi Yun instantly stopped crying.  Raising her head from Miss Chen’s embrace, she looked up with a look of pleasant surprise.

“Nanny, what did you think of?”

Although they were alone in the room and Chen Bi Yun sent everyone far away, for safety’s sake, Miss Chen placed her lips beside Chen Bi Yun’s ears and spoke in a low voice that only Chen Bi Yun could hear.

When Chen Bi Yun heard it, she slightly knit her brows, “Although this is a good method, what if it harms the child in my stomach…..”

She placed her hand onto her stomach.  This was her treasure and her best weapon, as well as her stepping stone to the King Ding Yuan Princess position.  No matter what, the child had to be safe.

Miss Chen said, “Be assured second miss, this old servant will be careful.  I will not let the second miss suffer any injuries and will definitely not let anything happen to the little successor in your stomach.”

“Alright, then we’ll follow your plan.”  Chen Bi Yun stroked her stomach in a relaxed manner.  Miss Chen’s “little successor” had made her feel elated.

As long as she followed Nanny’s plan, then she would quickly rid herself of that thorn Chen Ning.  At that time, she would become the Princess Consort and her son would be his highness’ successor.  He would be honoured, loved, and respected beyond compare!

“Then this old servant will make some preparations.  After tomorrow, this world will no longer have a young miss.”  Miss Chen lovingly smiled at Chen Bi Yun.  Thinking of Chen Ning, a sharp as a blade glow flashed in her eyes.

“You have to be careful, we can’t let his highness find out.  If…..”  Chen Bi Yun looked at Miss Chen and bit her lips.

“This old servant understands.  If anyone finds out, this old servant will not drag the second miss down!”  Miss Chen dutifully responded.

Chen Bi Yun then showed a satisfied smile.

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