Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 333

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Chapter 333: Even if she is sneaky

“Nanny, you…..Your face….”  When Chen Bi Yun saw Miss Chen, she was shocked.  She quickly understood what had happened and then clenched her fist.

“Were you beaten by that cheap woman?  She really is bold, daring to hit my people!  If she beats you, it means that she isn’t putting me in her eyes!  Nanny, you just wait.  This concubine will tell his highness and have her make it up to you!”

She angrily charged out.  Thinking of the love Chu Shao Yang had for her, she was filled with confidence as she walked out.

Miss Chen suddenly grabbed her.

“Second miss, don’t be restless.  It doesn’t matter if this old servant takes a few slaps, there’s no need to disturb his highness with this matter.  We still need to plan for tomorrow.”  Miss Chen endured the pain and said.

“You mean that you got that cheap person to agree to go to the lake?”  Chen Bi Yun eyes flashed with a happiness and a cold glow.

“Yes, she agreed quite easily.  However from this old servant’s observation, the current young miss is not the same as before, but is now a completely different person.”

Miss Chen remembered the Chen Ning she saw in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  She was always smiling and she had made all her move without any hesitation.  Her words were even more smooth.  

This was no longer the Hu Guo Manor where everyone can just bully that idiot Chen Ning!

“However, even if she is sneaky, this old servant will make her drink my feet washing water!”  Miss Chen gave a sinister smile.  

“Nanny, do you have a way to deal with her?”  Chen Bi Yun was pleasantly surprised.  She knew that the nanny her mother sent her would not let her down.

“No need to be anxious second miss.  This old servant will make a plan because this young miss is not easy to deal with.  We need to think of a plan that won’t be seen through easily by her.”  Miss Chen remembered Chen Ning’s smiling appearance and she began to plan to how to deal with her.

Chen Bi Yun felt anxious hearing this, “Are we just letting her off like this?  Nanny, don’t you know that his highness is getting closer to that cheap woman, if he sees her face……”

She suddenly gave a shiver and her eyes fell onto the picture that she brought back from Chu Shao Yang’s place, before grabbing Miss Chen’s hand.  

“Nanny, you have to find a way that will make it so his highness will never see her face!”

“Second miss, be assured.  Since the young miss is using her face to seduce his highness, then we will first ruin her perfect jade like face!”  Miss Chen ruthlessly said.

She looked down at that picture and asked in a surprised voice, “Isn’t this the young miss when she was younger?  Second miss, did you draw this?”  

“Of course not!  I brought this back from his highness’ place.  I never thought that after eight years, his highness would still clearly remember that cheap person’s appearance!  If he ever matches the picture with that cheap person, he will know that the person that saved him in the past wasn’t me, but rather that cheap person!”

She became more terrified the more she thought of it and her body couldn’t stop trembling.

Although Chu Shao Yang had burned Chen Ning’s picture, if he ever saw the real Chen Ning, then he would be able to guess the truth of the matter!

Miss Chen did not care about their statuses and hugged Chen Bi Yun while comforting her.

Chen Bi Yun had grown up on her milk and was the same as her own child.  Even though they were servant and master, she had already placed Chen Bi Yun as her own child in her heart.  Even if she had to give her life for Chen Bi Yun, she would not hesitate at all.

“Second miss, as long as this old servant is here, his highness will never know the truth of the past.  Everyone that knows the truth have all died.  They are all dead!”

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