Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 322

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Chapter 322: He was a man, not a piece of wood

Mo Chuan was stunned.  His handsome face instantly turned pale and his eyes became even darker.

She was chasing him away?

Why!  Was it because he couldn’t appear in time to save her?  Could she forget about all he had done and everything he had said?

His hands clenched into fists as he stared right at her.

He indeed wanted to leave.

But before he could say it, it had been said by her.

This kind of feeling was like his chest being stuffed up by cotton, giving him an indescribable kind of discomfort.

Especially her accusations, they were like whips falling on his heart!

The reason why he couldn’t appear on time, it was because……

He suddenly grabbed her hand in a forceful manner, ignoring her struggles and resistance.

“Are you angry?  It’s because I didn’t appear last night, right?  That’s why you want me to leave, right?”  He pinched her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes.

She looked straight into his face with no expressions and bluntly said, “Yes.”

Mo Chuan’s fingers trembled.  His face turned even more white and his eyes became darker.

“Actually…..I was there the whole time last night.”  Mo Chuan’s voice was low, but she could clearly hear every word.

He did not want to explain, but he could not stand her cold eyes and indifferent manner, that made it seem like he was nothing more than a stranger to her.

“You were there?”  Her lips curled, revealing an uncertain smile.  It was ironic that this faint smile actually hurt him more than her words.

“Very good, you were there.  You were there to watch him push me into the water.  You were there watching him try to drown me, but you stood there to the side.  Very good.  Mo Chuan, you…..”  She became even angrier as she spoke, so angry that her body began to tremble.  

If he wasn’t there, then she wouldn’t be this angry, but he had to say that he was there!”

“Don’t say anymore!”  Mo Chuan suddenly covered her mouth, stopping her from saying anything else.

She really did not say anything else.  She just closed her eyes, no longer willing to even look at him.

If she wasn’t…..She wouldn’t have been this disappointed, this angry, and wouldn’t have spoken in this kind of harsh voice.

It was because she cared!

“I was always there.”  She heard Mo Chuan’s voice in her ears once again.  It was as soft and pleasant as usual, but it no longer stirred any feelings in her heart.

She did not say anything, did not move, continuing to close her eyes, not looking at him.  It was like he was speaking to himself.

When Mo Chuan saw her cold and indifferent face, he gritted his teeth.

“Alright, I’ll tell you why I didn’t come out to save you.  It was because I…..I…..I…..”

The words following were hard to say.  His face went from being white to red and his veins popped out.  It was very difficult for him to say it, “I saw you change…..and enter the bath.  I…..I left for a while because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hold back if I saw you.  I…..I never thought that Chu Shao Yang would suddenly appear during that time!”

He did not want to tell her, but he couldn’t stand her misunderstanding him, accusing him, and rejecting him!

He could not stand being treated as a stranger by her!

He would rather tell her the truth, having her treat him as a pervert.  It was better if she just cursed him and hit him!

He could not stand her misunderstanding him!

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to keep protecting her, but in this kind of situation, he was still a man of blood and flesh, not a piece of wood!

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