Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 318

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Chapter 318: You’ll only get her if you kill me

Once again on the verge of death, Chu Shao Yang felt like his lungs were about to explode.

He was cursing all eighteen generations of Mo Chuan’s ancestors in his heart.  He could not understand where this bastard had come from.

He knew that the other side did not want his life.  He only wanted to torture him, letting him suffer the torture Chen Ning had been suffering.


His head was pulled out of the water again.

He collapsed on the shore like a dying fish.  His stomach was bulging out and his eyes were completely white.

Mo Chuan undid the acupuncture points and he immediately sat up, spitting out the large amounts of lake water in his stomach.

“Are you feeling better?”  When Chu Shao Yang spat out most of the water, Mo Chuan poked his acupuncture points again.  He grabbed Chu Shao Yang’s wet head, staring down in a condescending manner.

“What kind of person are you, actually helping her!  This king is telling you, as long as you don’t kill this king, this king will one day repay you double for the tortures you have given to this king today!”

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes filled with anger as he fiercely roared out.

“Very good, if you have the skills, then come at me.  Going to bully a weak and helpless girl, you really a heroic man!  Chu Shao Yang, are you even a man!”  Mo Chuan was rarely angry, but today his chest was about to burst with anger.  This strange rage made him want to kill this man in front of him.

“Whether this king is a man or not, only this king’s women would know!”  Chu Shao Yang gave a defiant laugh, “Do you like that ugly monster?  It is a pity that she is Chu Shao Yang’s woman.  As long as this king does not release her, she will never leave his place!  I might as well tell you that this king has never touched her, but if you dare to provoke me, then I will make her beg for mercy under this king’s feet!  As long as this king is alive, she will always belong to me, Chu Shao Yang!  If you want her, then you’ll have to kill me!”

His body was dripping with water, making him look very embarrassing, but the evil words coming from his mouth would have filled anyone who heard it with fear.

“Chu Shao Yang!”  Mo Chuan raised his right palm.

He knew that Chu Shao Yang would definitely keep his words.  As long as he kept torturing him, then this fellow would be able to do anything!

Unless…..he killed him!

He gritted his teeth and his right palm slowly moved towards Chu Shao Yang’s head.

Chu Shao Yang felt a heavy pressure coming from above him.  It was heavy to the point that he could not bare it at all and his bones were rattling like they were about to break.

However, he forced himself to look up, staring at Mo Chuan.

“Kill me.  Kill this king and that woman will be yours!”

His face distorted and he turned into a completely different person from that calm, handsome man he normally looked like.

Mo Chuan looked at this strange face that he could not recognize.  He saw a wild anger in this face that contained no fear of death at all.

His heart skipped a beat.

“You’re not afraid of death?”  Mo Chuan’s palm was three inches from Chu Shao Yang’s head when it stopped.

“Just kill me, no need to waste words!”

Mo Chuan stared at him and his eyes slowly cleared.

“Chu Shao Yang, you really are a blind man, an idiot, and pig!”  He coldly insulted him, “You only dare to act, but follow through.  You even admit that you don’t have any courage!”

Chu Shao Yang angrily roared, “What kind of thing are you!  Are you even worthy of teaching this king a lesson!”

Mo Chuan slowly retracted his palm.  Looking at him, his eyes revealed a trace of compassion.

“You have a treasure in your hands, but you don’t know it.  When you lose it, you will be filled with regret!  Chu Shao Yang, I won’t kill you.  I will wait for the day when you are filled with regret!”

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