Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 317

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Chapter 317: Deserves to be his woman

“It really is you!”

When Chu Shao Yang saw the mysterious black clothed man who did it, his heart filled with shock and anger.

He knew that even though the opponent’s skills in martial arts was higher, for him to instantly catch him like this, there was only one possibility!

It would be because he was very clear on his martial arts, clearly knowing every move that it entails!

How was this possible!

“I said it before, as long as you insult her, I would not let you off!  Did you think that I was just joking back then?”

Mo Chuan had a human skin mask on his face, so he did not reveal any expressions.  There was only a pair of deep eyes that were filled with cold prestige.

The hand he had around Chu Shao Yang’s throat slowly used more force, tightening around his neck!

Chu Shao Yang’s throat filled with pain and he could not breath.  He raised his palm to attack, but instantly his chest felt numb.  Mo Chuan already pressed his acupuncture points, turning his body stiff, unable to move at all.

“What kind of thing are you, caring about this king’s family business!  This king is telling you, she is this king’s woman, not yours!  If this king wants her alive, she will live.  If this king wants her dead, she will die.  It is not related to you at all!”

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned purple and his throat filled with pain.  He knew that as long as the opponent’s hand slightly tightened, then his larynx would have snapped.

However, he only felt anger in his heart, no fear at all!

His eyes popped out, making him look very terrifying as he glared at Mo Chuan.  His words were roared out from his throat, each word carrying his anger and hatred.

“On the verge of death, but you still don’t know how to repent!”  Mo Chuan roared in a sharp voice.  The anger Chu Shao Yang revealed completely went against his expectations.

Chu Shao Yang gave a defiant laugh and said, “Why would this king need to repent!  What kind of person are you!  What qualifications do you have to teach this king!  Even if you are the emperor, you still don’t have the qualifications to care about this king’s family matters!”

Although he had a deep hate for Mo Chuan for helping Chen Ning, the indescribable hatred in his heart also slightly disappeared because just now, he had clearly seen the red dot of the Palace Guarding Sand on Chen Ning’s arm.

That meant that she still had a pure body, not having relations with any other men.

Un, she could guard her body for him, she really deserved to be Chu Shao Yang’s woman!

It was a pity that Mo Chuan could not see what he was thinking, otherwise he would have landed a few slaps on his narcissistic face.

“You!  Very good.  Since it’s like this, then take the consequences of your actions.”  Mo Chuan’s eyes turned sharp as he spoke in a cold voice.

He released his hand holding Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang felt the pressure on his throat disappearing and he took in large breaths.

As he took a few breaths, his collar was suddenly grabbed and he was picked up by Mo Chuan like a little rabbit.

“What are you doing?”  Chu Shao Yang angrily called out, but he was already flying through the air.

With a “putong” sound, he was thrown into the lake by Mo Chuan like a stone.

The ice cold water quickly surrounded his head and the scene from eight years ago appeared in his mind.  Only this time, there was no one here to save him.

Only death was waiting for him!

His stomach was filled with water and he was about to suffocate to death before his head was grabbed and he was pulled out of the water.

Fresh air filled his lungs and he was filled with comfort.

He took greedy breaths.

“Does drowning feel good?”  Mo Chuan’s cold voice came from above him.  Without a chance to speak, his tightly grabbed head was once again forced into the lake.

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