Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: The secret one does not dare pry into

He closed his eyes, but that ugly face still appeared in his eyes.  There was grass and mud on her head and body, with black and purple blood on her lips.  She looked very ugly, making it hard for people to look at her.

But even closing his eyes, he could not forget that face!

What’s wrong?  What was wrong with him?

Chu Shao Yang suddenly gave a shiver and his boiling blood immediately cooled down.

There was a charming face in front of him, but he could not feel any excitement at all.  

“Your highness, what’s wrong?”  Chen Bi Yun waited for a long time, but she did not receive the kiss that she was imagining.  She couldn’t help opening her eyes with disappointment as she looked at him with a confused look.

“Nothing.”  Chu Shao Yang had a calm look on his face, not revealing anything wrong.  He held her shoulders and said, “The doctor said that this king’s poison was just dispelled and I cannot be excited, otherwise the poison will not be dispelled.  We have plenty of time in the future, there is no need to be anxious.”

Chen Bi Yun instantly filled with regret, “Your highness, it is all Yun’er’s fault.  You just rest your body.  Can Yun’er help you massage your body?”

“Un.”  Chu Shao Yang closed his eyes.

Her delicate hand gently rubbed his forehead, using a small amount of force, feeling very comfortable.  Soon, he quickly fell asleep.

The more Chen Bi Yun looked at his handsome face, the more love she felt for him.  She couldn’t help slowly getting closer and silently kissing his lips.

Chu Shao Yang suddenly turned over, scaring her.  Thinking of what she just did, his face instantly blushed.

Waiting until Chen Bi Yun fell asleep, Chu Shao Yang stood up and left the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion in the darkness of the night.

He unknowingly walked over to the Little Mirror Lake.  This place was close to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion and he would normally not come over, but he was feeling very upset tonight and it was as if only this little lake could calm his emotions.

By this Little Mirror Lake, he had kicked her into the lake and almost choked her to death, but she did not die.

Even tonight, he clearly had the best chance to kill her, but he still let her go.


Not only did she ask why, even he was asking it.  He was also asking himself, just what was going on.

Actually, he already had an answer in his heart, but he was not willing to think of it, admit it, or even face it!

There was only a single reason…..

Chu Shao Yang suddenly looked away.

He did not dare face this secret at the bottom of his heart.  It was like a deep, dark lake that he did not dare face.

There’s killing intent!

The hairs on the back of his neck suddenly stood up as a cold killing intent suddenly hit him.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart was shocked.  This killing intent had come too fast.  When he finally noticed it, it was already right beside him!

With his martial arts, for a person to be this close before he noticed them, it could be imagined just how much stronger their martial arts were compared to his.

It had to be him!

A black clothed figure appeared in his mind who had used a willow branch to stop his Spirit Snake Sword.  His skills martial arts were incredibly high.

In this moment of danger, he did not even think as he stepped out and flew forward, just like a crane flying across the calm lake.  This technique was called “Cold Pond Crane Shadow” and was the Chu Family’s secret art, incomparable in this world.

Who would have thought that the person behind him would follow close behind him like a shadow, flying across the lake with him.

Chu Shao Yang felt a chill from behind him.  Without any time to turn, he instantly felt pain as a hand grabbed him, just like how he grabbed Chen Ning in the past.

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