Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Stubborn even in the face of death

She stood up from the chair as she walked towards Xia He.

Xia He could not help but shrink back as her eyes filled with panic.  She stared at Chen Ning like she was staring at a evil demon.

Was she really that terrifying?

Chen Ning couldn’t help shrugging her shoulders.

She stopped in front of Xia He and looked down at her.  Her lips were drawn back and she revealed a sweet smile.

But when Xia He saw that smile, she couldn’t help feeling a chill deep down in her soul.

Somehow, Chen Ning’s smile was actually more frightening than her stern expression.

“You…..What do you want……to do?”  She shrank back in fear.

“I’ll ask and you answer.  If you dare to answer with a single lie, then don’t blame me for giving you a large present.” Chen Ning smiled and said.

Her face revealed a smile, but there was not a trace of smile in her eyes.

Xia He’s entire body shivered as she nodded.  Of course she knew what Chen Ning meant by a large present.

“Anything princess asks, this servant will truthfully answer.”

“Very good.  Three days ago, the person that poisoned my bird’s nest porridge, was it you!”  Chen Ning stared right at her eyes as she directly asked.

Xia He couldn’t help turning her eyes away as she immediately shook her head and said, “No, it wasn’t me!  It wasn’t this servant.”

“It wasn’t you?”

Chen Ning smiled.  She was an expert at reading people’s expression in the present era.  Her specialty was seeing through a person’s body language and the slight changes in their expression to read their mind, differentiating between the truth and lies.

So if Xia He had said the truth, she would have seen through it with a single glance.

Her smile faded as she said with a stern face, “Xiao Ru, hit her hard for me.  Hit this lying cheap servant!”

Xia He’s heart trembled as she was filled with fear.

“Princess, it really wasn’t this servant, this servant didn’t put the poison in.  This servant doesn’t know anything.”

She truly was stubborn at even in the face of death.

Chen Ning couldn’t help shaking her head.   With Xia He’s skills in telling lies, if she wanted to fool her, she couldn’t do it even with another ten years of practice.

“Very good, you still want to lie!  Xiao Ru, keep hitting this cheap servant until she’s willing to speak the truth.”  She walked back a step with an expressionless face.

Xiao Ru walked forward holding the stick of firewood.  The stick fell onto Xia He’s thigh and Xia He gave a pitiful cry.

But Xiao Ru still didn’t feel like it was enough.  The stick continued to fall on Xia He lying on the ground.

She clearly remembered that three days ago, when the young miss had fainted from the poison, she had knelt down in front of Xia He to get a doctor to help.  Xiao He had spat on her and then walked away.  This kind of heartless person that doesn’t even help a dying person in front of her, she truly deserved to be beaten!

“Princess, spare me, spare me!  Don’t hit me anymore, this servant did it.  It was done by this servant, it was done by this servant!”

Xia He had been painfully crying while being hit.  Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and painfully admitted through her tearful crying.

“Xiao Ru, stop.”  Chen Ning raised a hand.

Xiao Ru put down the stick.  She looked at Xia He with angry eyes and cursed, “You truly have a ruthless heart for a cheap servant.  My family’s young miss doesn’t have any grudges with you, why would you poison her!”

Xia He cried and said, “This servant was wronged, this servant didn’t know that that package was filled with poison.  And this servant didn’t know that the princess would faint and spit out blood after drinking it……”

“A cheap servant like you still wants to quibble!”  Xiao Ru angrily raised the stick.

“Don’t hit me, don’t hit me!”  Xia He held her head in fear.

“Xia He, clearly tell me everything that happened!  Remember, if you say even a single lie, I’ll immediately be able to see through it.  So, I recommend you to only speak the truth.”’  Chen Ning stared at Xia He as she slowly said word for word.

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