Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Only you won’t

Her eyes were clear, just like a clear autumn lake, and it had a strong glow that people couldn’t stare at.

Xia He immediately lowered her head in fear.

She felt that in front of Chen Ning, she was completely transparent.  Everything that she was thinking could be clearly seen by the opposite side.

“Three days ago, which was also the night that you, the princess got married, the kitchen sent over a bowl of bird’s nest porridge.  This servant was preparing the princess’ new house and suddenly a maidservant same from the room.  She said she was the maidservant that came with the princess and gave me a package of something, telling me to place it in the porridge……”

“You’re lying!”

Xia He hadn’t even finished before she was interrupted by Xiao Ru’s angry voice.

“You’re lying!  The princess only brought me as a maidservant and I never gave you anything that night.  Young miss, she, she’s trying to frame me!”  Xiao Ru was angry and nervous.  Her face was completely red.

Once Xia He heard the word “lying”, she broke out in a cold sweat.  She quickly said, “This servant is telling the truth.  I’m, I’m not lying.”

Chen Ning nodded and lightly said, “I know, continue telling your story.”

Xia He let out a relieved breath and wiped away her cold sweat as she said, “The maidservant said that the princess was sick and that this was the medicine prescribed to the princess by the doctor, but the princess wasn’t willing to drink it, so she wanted this servant to mix it into the bird’s nest porridge.  This servant saw her coming from the room so I believed her and did what she said to do.  But this servant never thought that the minute the princess drank the porridge, she would immediately spit out blood and faint.  This servant knew that this wasn’t good so I went to find the maidservant, but I found that I couldn’t even find her shadow.  Princess, this servant was stupid and was fooled by someone, but this servant really didn’t know what was in that package and didn’t want to harm your highness.  The words these servant have said, every word is true and there are no lies, I trust your highness will believe me.”

After she finished speaking, she kneeled on the ground and continue to kowtow.  

Xiao Ru was so angry that she was trembling.  She really wanted to rush forward and rip off Xia He’s mouth.

“Young miss, everything she said is nonsense.  This servant didn’t give her any package or tell her any kind of crazy things.  If this servant ever wanted to hurt you, let this servant’s next generation all turn into bastards, never to return to normal!”  She kneeled down in front of Chen Ning as she gave her oath.  She was so anxious that tears almost came out.

Chen Ning couldn’t help giving a smile as she pulled Xiao Ru to her feet.  She smiled and said, “Silly girl, I never doubted you.  Anyone in this world could have the possibility of hurting me, but only you won’t.  

Her words were like a warm stream.  Xiao Ru felt her heart become warmer.

“Young miss……”  She sniffed her nose.  She was so moved that she wanted to cry.

Chen Ning smiled as she patted her back.  Then she turned around and looked at Xia He with a stern expression.

Although Xia He couldn’t see it, she still felt a chill run through her back.

After a while, Chen Ning slowly said, “Ok, I believe you.  You can stand up now.”

“Yes, princess.”  Xia He bowed once more to Chen Ning and stood up half in surprise and half in happiness.

Obviously she never would have dreamed that Chen Ning would forgive her this easily.

“Chun Tao, Xia He.”  Chen Ning cleared her throat and said.

“Servant is here!”  The two maidservants answered in unison.  They subconsciously became more respectful.

The Chen Ning that was standing in front of them now wasn’t the weak and easy to bully young miss Chen from before.  Rather she had turned into a respectable and frightening princess.

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