Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Closing the door and beating the dogs

Chen Ning calmly grabbed onto her wrist as she smiled and said, “Xia He, Chun Tao, don’t be in a rush to leave.  I still have a present to give you.”

“Present?  What present?”

The two maidservants disdainfully looked at her.  They had already gone through both of Chen Ning’s dowry boxes and had only found these two jade bracelets which seemed valuable.  The remaining trash had all been thrown onto the ground.

“Xiao Ru, close the door.  I want to give these two a large gift and we can’t let other people see it.”  Chen Ning smiled at the confused Xiao Ru.  It was like a cleansing spring’s breeze.

Seeing Chen Ning’s smiling face, Xiao Ru was seemed to notice something.

When the young miss was teaching those servants a lesson, she also smiled first and then……

She immediately understood and closed the door.

“Princess, if you have any presents, please just take them out.  We are very busy and have no time to stay here with you……”

Xia He didn’t even finish speaking before a “pa” sound rang out and she had been slapped on her right cheek.  She was in a daze from being hit.

She couldn’t believe her own spinning eyes.  She stared at the calm Chen Ning in front of her and shouted, “You……you dare hit me……”


Another heavy slap to the face.

Xia He’s ears were buzzing as tears came out from being hit.

“How is it?  Is this present big enough?  Do you like it?”  Chen Ning smiled as she stared at her, “If it isn’t big enough, I can make it even bigger.”

“The princess is hitting someone!  She dares to hit sister He, I’ll report this to his highness…….”

Chun Tao was smart.  Once she saw that the situation was bad, she immediately ran for the door.  Chen Ning stretched out and tripped her, making her fall face first to the floor.

“Alright, you can report to his highness.  Tell him that I, Chen Ning am not dead, and have come back alive.”

Chen Ning suddenly remember how Chun Tao was insulting her behind her back earlier, so she spat onto her clothes.  Her hand then grabbed onto her hair as she slapped her a few times.

Chun Tao’s melon face turned into a pumpkin face

[TL Note: It’s a chinese joke because melon face is 瓜子臉 and pumpkin face is 南瓜臉.]

Xiao Ru saw this slap and she was enraptured.  She loudly shouted out in joy in her heart.

This girl’s mouth was even worse than Xia He’s, she deserved being taught a lesson by the young miss.

“You, you just wait!  His highness definitely won’t let you go!”  Xia He’s eyes were swollen to the point they were just slits.  She had a sinister look in her eyes as she viciously stared at Chen Ning.

Chen Ning couldn’t help laughing.

She really is a foolish girl.  She had already been beaten up to this point and still dared to argue back.

“Alright, go and tell Chu Shao Yang.  I wanted to ask him clearly what he was going to do about the crime of poisoning the princess!”  Chen Ning waved her wrists as she looked for a chair to sit in.  She said to Xiao Ru, “Xiao Ru, open the door.  Let these two gods go.”

Xia He’s face turned pale.  Xiao Ru opened the door, but she stayed sitting on the ground, not moving at all.

Chun Tao got up and ran outside.

Chen Ning’s eyes flashed as she picked up a teapot from the table and threw it over.  It hit Chun Tao in the legs and she fell down onto the ground.

“Xiao Ru, close the door!  If another person tries to escape, take a stick and break their legs!”  Chen Ning coldly said.

“Yes, young miss.”

Xiao Ru resonantly responded as she closed the door.  With a hand at her waist and the other holding a piece of firewood as she guarded the door, she just stared at the two maidservants.

Chun Tao and Xia He finally realized this was bad.  The two of them stared at Chen Ning and their eyes revealed a look of fear at the same time.

Chen Ning smiled and nodded.  This was right.

If she was a little more gentle, these dog like servants would think that she was easy to bully.

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