Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: Can he be that kind

“Chen Ning, an ugly heart creates an ugly appearance.  Your heart is evil, so that’s why you became like this.  It is what you deserve, it is god’s punishment!  This king will now kill you.  If this king lets you die, then it’ll be too easy for you, humph!”

Chu Shao Yang waved his sleeve and then walked away, not looking back once.

Chen Ning waited until Chu Shao Yang completely disappeared without a trace.  Rubbing her face, she fixed her crooked mouth and narrowed eyes appearance.

Her back was covered in cold sweat.

If she hadn’t thought of this method while she was filled with panic, then she would have lost her life.

So close, so close!

She wiped off the cold sweat and quickly walked towards the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  As she was about to walk into the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, she felt a chill come from behind her.

Without needing to turn back, she already knew what was happening.

That damned Chu Shao Yang was back!

“No need to turn around, this king does not want to see your ugly face!”  It really was Chu Shao Yang.

Then a veil fell into her hands.

Chen Ning was suddenly stunned.

“Wear this, this king has something to talk to you about.”  Chu Shao Yang then said.

Did he leave just now to get this veil?

Chen Ning whispered in her heart while putting the veil on her face.

Humph, when did this bastard highness become this kind?  He must have thought that her face was too ugly and it stained his eyes, so he wanted her to wear this veil.

This was in line with what she wanted.  It was better than continuing to fake that strange appearance.

“If you have something to say, then say it.”

Chen Ning turned around and looked at his face, finding that he was slightly knitting his brows.  His eyes were staring at a haystack in the corner, with a thoughtful look on his face.

She could see that the killing intent in his eyes were gone and his face was filled with contempt and disgust.

“You’re practicing shooting arrows?”  Chu Shao Yang revealed a ridiculing smile, “If you want to win against this king of the day of the hunt with your skills in archery, then you’re dreaming!”

He noticed that there was only a single arrow that landed in a haystack.  The rest of the arrows were scattered all around, looking like the handiwork of a beginner.

Even if she was a genius, she would not be able to learn how to shoot arrows in just three days.

So, she was set to lose!

“You’re still saying the same thing.  There’s no need to be that certain.  Even if my archery skills are bad, how do you know I’ll lose to you in three days?”  Although Chen Ning was wearing the veil, her eyes were filled with determination and momentum.

“Very good!”  Chu Shao Yang nodded.  This was the Chen Ning that he was familiar with.  She was stubborn and unyielding, but he would make her submit one day!

“Chen Ning, look carefully!”

He gently swept out his robe and slowly rolled up his long sleeves.  Taking the iron bow from the side and taking out ten arrows from the pot, he stretched out his arms and pulled back the bowstring.

Chen Ning’s eyes suddenly went wide.

He took out ten arrows at once!

Why was this person acting mysterious for?

Was that the legendary Cloud Piercing Arrows?

“Xiu, xiu, xiu——”

A rain of arrows flew out, all hitting the bullseye.  Each arrow pierced through the previous arrow, cleaving the previous arrow in half, leaving the final arrow in the bullseye.

The tail of the arrow was still trembling!

If she hadn’t personally witnessed it, Chen Ning would have found it hard to believe that there would be this kind of incredible archery technique in this world.

“Good archery techniques!”  Chen Ning clapped and praised.

Although she held disdain for Chu Shao Yang as a person, she still had to admit that he had good archery skills.

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