Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: Giving you a final chance

No wonder Chu Shao Bai’s expression changed when he heard of her contest with his third brother.  It seemed like this bastard highness’ archery skills were quite renowned.

However, what was the meaning of displaying his skills in front of her?

“Chen Ning, you can’t win against this king.”  Chu Shao Yang gently bent the bow in his hands and that hard iron bow suddenly split in half in his hands.

He threw the bow to the ground and looked at Chen Ning with a cold gaze.

She suddenly understood his meaning.

He was here to show off!

He, he, he wanted her to give up?

“Even if your highness’ archery skills are good, these are unmoving targets.  Animals are alive, so we don’t know who’ll win yet.”  Chen Ning said in a disapproving tone.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart burned with the flames of rage.  This woman in front of him was always this arrogant, never bowing down in defeat!

“Chen Ning, this king is trying to give you a final chance.”

“Oh, chance?  What chance?”  She narrowed her eyes.

Chu Shao Yang took in a breath and suppressed the anger in his chest.  Then he slowly said, “This king wants you to go to the court and ask for a lower status, willingly becoming a concubine consort.  As long as you give up the princess consort position, this king can spare you and give you that date red horse, even letting you live in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion forever.  As long as you keep your purity, this king will not make it hard for you and protect you for a lifetime.”

The tone he spoke in was very arrogant and his eyes did not even look at Chen Ning, like he was giving her a large favour.

In Chu Shao Yang’s heart, this was indeed the greatest concession he had ever made.

He wanted her to die originally, but now he was allowing her to remain as a concubine consort and letting her live in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  She should be feeling grateful to him now.

“He, he, this is interesting.  Chu Shao Yang, you’re actually not embarrassed saying this kind of stuff!”  After Chen Ning heard this, she almost broke out in laughter.

Chu Shao Yang’s brows stood up and he fiercely said, “What do you mean!”

“Nothing at all.”  Chen Ning raised her brows and gave a cold smile, “I just want to tell you, as long as I, Chen Ning am here, the legal princess position will never be Chen Bi Yun’s.  Chu Shao Yang, I never wanted this princess position, but I, Chen Ning am not someone you can throw away that easily!  If you want to a divorce, then it’ll be me divorcing you and not you divorcing me!  You can be assured, I will go to court, but it won’t be to lower my position.  Rather I will go to divorce a heartless and ungrateful waste of a man like you!”

“Chen Ning!  Shut up!”  Chu Shao Yang’s face turned green from his rage.  He tightly clenched his fist, wanting to send this girl to the underworld immediately.

“Good, very good!  This king is telling you, you will bring disgrace upon yourself!  Three days later, you will be imprisoned forever by this king, becoming a slave for the rest of your life!”

He angrily turned around and left.

“In your dreams!”  Chen Ning called out at his disappearing figure.

Chu Shao Yang’s staggered a little, but he did not turn around as he walked away.

He felt like his trip was truly wasted.  He had wracked his brain, trying to think of a merciful way to let this ugly girl live.  In the end, not only did this woman not appreciate his gesture, she had even said that she would divorce him?!

This was completely ridiculous!

Three days later, he would make her cry and beg in front of him, paying the price for what she had done!

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  1. Tatiana says:

    OH-MY-GOSH!!! I’m super curious about what will happen next! I love this novel! Chu Shao Yang will badly regret his dumbness! His so blind! I think Chen Ning was the one who saved him, not her sister!
    Thank you for your hard work!

  2. Fatjona says:

    I thinknso too. That evil sister did domething rhat made her leave and then took her place acting as if she was the one who saved him🙄

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    This prince is a super idiot, being deceived by CN sister… I am looking forward to the day when you find out the truth. Thanks.

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