Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 294

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Chapter 294: Thrown into the lake to feed the turtles

This faint familiar smell was the smell that came from her alone that he remembered smelling in her room yesterday.  Normally, she appeared in front of him with a face covered in makeup, so the strong smell of the makeup assaulted his nose.

As soon as she heard Chu Shao Yang call her name, Chen Ning’s headache became even bigger.

Her face was clean right now without the slightest bit of makeup on.  He would know that she was the one who threw the thunderbolt eggs at him with a single glance.

With no one around, he would be able to kill her without anyone knowing.

No, she couldn’t let him recognize her!

“Chen Ning, didn’t you dare to openly insult this king?  Why do you not dare to look up when you see this king today?”

Chu Shao Yang saw that her head was lowered, revealing the beautiful curve of her neck that had snow white skin.  His heart skipped a beat, but then he curled his lips into a cold smile.

“You acted quite bold yesterday and that’s why this king let you off, but I never thought that it was all a performance!  Now that it’s been exposed that you’re nothing more than a timid mouse, do you think this king will still spare you?”

His body began to release a cold killing intent.

Chen Ning couldn’t help grinding her teeth.

She could hear that this bastard highness was serious.  He was really planning to kill her.

Damn Mo Chuan, where is her bodyguard right now?  Why hasn’t he appeared yet?  She was about to be killed by this bastard highness!

“He, he, you’re choosing to not take the road to heaven, but rather fall down to hell.  Chen Ning, you sent yourself to me, so don’t blame this king for being merciless.”

Chu Shao Yang felt like he had been blessed by the heavens.  The person who made him grit his teeth in anger suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Chen Ning, before you die, do you have anything you want to say?”  He said in a cold voice.  However, he just saw her continue to lower her head without saying anything.

This was not her usual smiling and rebellious manner that she usually had in front of him.

He was beginning to suspect that the woman in front of him was not Chen Ning.

“Raise your head!”  He shouted.

He grabbed her chin and forcefully lifted up her face.  His cold as ice eyes fell onto her clean face and he suddenly gave a shocked gasp.

“You…..Who are you!”  He said in a speechless voice.

Chen Ning turned to the side, not looking at him.  In a voice of disdain, she said, “You already know, yet you’re still asking!”

“You really are Chen Ning?”  He tightly held her chin.  That familiar feeling told him that this was indeed Chen Ning.

But her face……

Although it wasn’t caked with makeup like usual, her mouth was still crooked, making her look very ugly.

Chu Shao Yang took another glance and felt a wave of disgust.  Pushing out, she slammed into the tree behind her.

“How did your face become like this!”  He face was covered in disgust.  Seeing this face, he wanted to vomit.

Chen Ning narrowed her eyes and twisted her lips, as she spoke in a slurred manner, “This princess became like this all because of your highness.  You smashed my windows yesterday, but you didn’t have anyone fix them for me.  As a result, the wind blew on me all night, causing this princess’ face to become crooked like this.  Seeing my ugly appearance, are you proud?  Don’t you still want my life?  Come?  Come and kill me!”

She forcefully narrowed her eyes.  That appearance filled Chu Shao Yang with disgust, but the desire to kill her also faded.

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