Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: When you’re older, I will marry you

He drank the water in large mouthfuls.  His stomach was stuffed and his lungs were about to explode.

His eyes turned black and white from suffocating.

Am I about to die?  Am I really about to die?

At that moment, he saw a person dive into the water and quickly swim over to him, grabbing his ice, cold hand.

He was already in a half conscious state as he allowed this person to pull him out of the water.

That person’s ink black hair floated in the water, as her arms paddled in the water.  From the side, Chu Shao Yang could see her face.

This was a girl who was only seven-eight years old, but she was already very beautiful and elegant.

Her face was like a bright moon which made his eyes lit up, dispelling the darkness of the lake waters.

He wanted to ask, “Miss, are you the immortal of the lake?  Or are you the spirit of a lotus flower?”

But when he opened his mouth, the lake water continued flowing in, so he could only tightly close his mouth.

He could not talk, but he could smile, smiling like the spring breeze.

Little miss, no matter who you are, even if you are a monster, I’ve decided on you!

When you grow up, I will take you as my wife!

He slowly fell to unconsciousness.  When he woke up from his slumber, he immediately saw her.

It was still that little miss.  She was kneeling beside him with her wet hair plastered over her face and body.  She looked very embarrassing, but to him, she was still incredibly beautiful.

Her large black eyes were filled with tears as she continued to say, “Don’t die, don’t die.”

He revealed a smile.

Silly girl, I still have to wait until you’re older to marry you, how could I be willing to die now!

He gripped her hand and wanted to tell her this.

However, he did not even have the chance to talk before he fainted once again.

Later on……

Chu Shao Yang’s fingers sank deep into the willow tree trunk as his eyes stared at the lake while being filled with hate.

Although he fulfilled his wish of marrying her, he could never let her become his legal princess and be his only wife!

“Chen Ning!  It’s you, it’s all because of you!  You’re the one who made me break my promise, it’s all because of you!”  He tightly gritted his teeth.  When he thought of himself kicking her into the lake, he said through gritted teeth, “How did you not drown!”

His heart was focused on his hate, that he did not notice someone approaching him.

Until Chen Ning bumped into his chest, suddenly waking him up.  Then he flew into a rage.

“Who are you!”  He grabbed Chen Ning’s collar and snapped at her.

It’s over, she couldn’t run!

Chen Ning suddenly looked up and realized that her face had no makeup on.


She immediately lowered her head, almost burying herself into her neck.  Then she muttered, “I am a maid of the palace.”

“You aren’t a maid at all!”  Chu Shao Yang gave a cold laugh, “The maids of this king’s palace, which one of them would dare to call themselves anything other than this servant!”

Chen Ning did not think that she would be exposed with just a single sentence.  She was cursing Chu Shao Yang for being vile and treacherous, with nothing escaping his eyes.

She continued lowering her head and muttered, “This, this servant has just entered the palace and haven’t learned the rules yet…..”

“If you don’t tell the truth, this king will throw you into the lake to feed the turtles!”  Chu Shao Yang sharply interrupted her.


Chen Ning’s mind kept turning, trying to find an excuse to pass this trial.

Chu Shao Yang suddenly smelled a sweet scent that woke him up.  With gritted teeth, he said, “Chen Ning, it’s actually you!”

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  1. Reincarnatedbox says:

    I’m sorta mad that the previous host of the body loved an ass. And he believes that it was her sister that saved him from drowning. 😞

  2. joellyanne says:

    Now, this is just great. So the girl who saved when he was drowning, probably was CN not the pregnant sister? The twerp CSY has been deceived all this time by that woman. I wonder what would he do when he finally learned the truth and the woman he thought is so kind is actually the evil one? Thanks for this update.

  3. passingbyreader says:

    ~_~ uh huh… married the woman of your dreams alright, more like repaid kindness with enmity, it’s probably the previous Chen Ning that saved you, and your “waifu” and yourself killed her personally.

    Two thumbs up, not even worthy of having any regrets. ~_~;

    • Chocolatebunny says:

      That’s how these things usually go, and it would explain the previous Chen Ning’s actions and attitude. She probably heard that he vowed to marry the person who saved his life only to find out he was messing around with her sister. I’d bet the old Chen Ning didn’t even know that he’s unaware of who saved him.

  4. Pan says:

    Damn… No make up! I really, really didn’t want CSY to see her real face.

  5. Maki says:

    Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Dermam says:

    Okay so he isn’t a womanizer, but still marrying the girl of ‘your dreams’ doesn’t mean you have to kill another girl just to give her a position she wants.

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