Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: Enemies meet on a narrow road

Mo Chuan was indeed very handsome, but his current expression was not handsome at all.  His face was very calm, but his eyes were so cold that Xiao Ru could not help shivering.

He decided to take back his previous statement, this dumb girl would always be dumb!

“Humph!”  He gave a cold snort and turned to leave.  When he walked past Chen Ning, his lips slightly parted and she could clearly hear three words.

“You owe me!”

Under the glare of the sun, his black clothes disappeared with a flash.

Chen Ning’s face became warm again.

She owed him?  She could not remember how much she owed him already.

Thinking of how her tiptoeing appearance had been seen by Xiao Ru, she felt her face turn warm and begin to burn.

“This damn sun, it really is too hot!  I want to feel the wind and get some fresh air.  Xiao Ru, you stay there.  You’re not allowed to follow me.  I want to go out for a walk.”

Chen Ning patted her burning cheeks and quickly walked out of the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.

Xiao Ru looked up into the cloudy sky in a surprised manner.  Where was there any sun light?

The young miss was clearly lying.

She thought of the young miss’ red face and then realized something.  The young miss was just feeling embarrassed!

Chen Ning walked out of the Flowing Cloud Pavilion and walked along the lake shore covered in willow trees.

Her heart fell into chaos.  When she thought of that scene, her face became warm.  They had only accidentally touched each other, but then the meaning completely changed, as if there was some kind of ambiguous meaning between the two of them.

What did that Mo Chuan mean?

The more she thought about it, the more it seemed like he was just teasing her.

It didn’t matter if he had a calm appearance and a calm manner, he was bad to his bones!

Humph!  It’s fine if I owe something, I’ll just never repay it!

Chen Ning was focused on thinking about this.  She was walking along as she picked up a willow leaf and began to fold it.

“Peng!”  She suddenly felt pain coming from her nose, like she had hit something hard.  Her tears instantly began to flow.

“How bold!  What kind of person dares to hit this king?  Do you no longer wish to live?”  A cold voice came from above her.

That familiar voice caused Chen Ning’s body to shudder.

Chu Shao Yang!

She slightly looked up and saw the black robe that Chu Shao Yang regularly wore.  The chest had a golden snake pattern embedded into it.

She rubbed her nose and angrily thought, “Why did he come to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion for no reason?  Why was he standing at the lake without moving, causing her to stumble into him?”

Enemies truly do meet on a narrow road!

Chu Shao Yang had been here for a long time, already coming close to becoming a statue.

He did not know why he had come to the Little Mirror Lake.  He just looked at the calm mirror like lake, losing himself in his thoughts.

He did not like water, he was actually afraid of water.

Eight years ago, he had almost lost his life in the water which became a lifelong nightmare for him.  Because of that horrible experience, even though the Little Mirror Lake was beautiful, he rarely came here.

But today, he had mysterious stumbled over here and had already been standing here for four hours now.

Unconsciously, many memories and scenes appeared in his mind.

In the deep lake, his body slowly sunk to the body.  His heart was filled with fear and despair as he reached out in the water, hoping to grasp anything that would save his life.

But he never thought that he would catch nothing.

All around him was the fear of death.

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