Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 291

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Chapter 291: You’re too tall, I can’t kiss you

The more calm he was, the more red Chen Ning’s face became.

She didn’t know where she found the courage to suddenly kiss him.  Now he was just formally asked her to kiss him again.

“Fine, as you wish!”  Chen Ning bit her lips.

It was just a single kiss, it wasn’t like cutting off a piece of her.

Mo Chuan stood straight and slightly lifted his chin, assuming the position of someone being kissed.

Why was this fellow so tall!

She secretly complained in her heart.  He had been looking down earlier, so she could kiss him by looking up, but now she needed to stand on her tiptoes just to reach him.

“Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng, peng.”

Her hand was on his chest and could feel his heart beating faster, but he still maintained that indifferent look on his face.

She never thought that this fellow would speak one way, but act another way.

Chen Ning found this funny deep down.  She deliberately complained, “Ai, why are you so tall!  I can’t reach you!”

Mo Chuan’s body froze and his eyelashes blinked.  Then he calmly and slowly lowered his head.

Her stomach almost burst from her laughter, but once she saw his deep dark eyes that were like two deep wells, her smile froze on her face.


She couldn’t look into his eyes, it would cloud her mind!

Chen Ning felt her heart beat as fast as his.  She quickly lowered her eyes and took a deep breath.  Then she slightly raised her lips and kissed his chin.

She was prepared to quickly give him the kiss she owed him and then quickly move away.

“Guang dang!”

The sound of a plate smashing came from behind them, closely followed by Xiao Ru’s shocked cry.

“Young, young, young miss, what, what, what are you doing?”

Chen Ning quickly pushed Mo Chuan away and jumped far away from him.  Her face turned as red as an apple.

Not far away from them, Xiao Ru’s mouth and eyes were wide open, with a look of disbelief on her face.

By her feet were broken plates and steaming hot plum and lotus cakes lying all over the floor.

“Xiao Ru, you’re not allowed to shout!”  Before Xiao Ru could shout again, Chen Ning rushed to her side and clamped her mouth.

This excitable and reckless little girl, she was preparing to tell everyone!

There was nothing between her and Mo Chuan, but with her shouting like this, it was like there was something happening.

In fact, nothing happened at all!

“Wu, wu, wu, wu, wu!”  Xiao Ru’s eyes rolled in her head.  She wanted to say something, but Chen Ning was covering her mouth.

“Remember!  You’re not allowed to spout nonsense or shout!  Forget everything you just saw, forget it all!  Remember, nothing happened between me and him, nothing at all!”  Chen Ning warned her.

“Wu, wu, wu, wu, wu!”  Xiao Ru seemed like she understood as she winked and nodded her head.

Chen Ning let out a sigh and then added, “You’re not allowed to shout!”

Xiao Ru nodded again.

Chen Ning let go.

Xiao Ru took a long breath.  She looked over at Mo Chuan without his mask and her eyes almost popped out.

“You are…….Bo, bo, bodyguard Hei?”  Chen Ning heard her take a deep breath.

Ai.  Seeing Xiao Ru’s stunned expression, Chen Ning could not blame her at all.

One could only blame Mo Chuan for being too handsome.  It was no wonder he wore a mask all day.  If he walked out onto the main street with his real face, he would become the center of attention immediately.

He would have no way of continuing as an assassin like this!

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