Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: A kiss

He grabbed the arrow in the air with the point being less than an inch from Xiao Ru’s face.  It truly was dangerous.

Chen Ning was so scared that she broke out in a cold sweat.  She charged out to hug Xiao Ru, even her voice changed into a comforting tone.

Xiao Ru had escaped from death.  After a long while, she broke out in tears.  She was sobbing as she thanked Mo Chuan.

“Bodyguard Hei, many thanks for saving me.”

Mo Chuan looked over at her and gently said, “Your young miss is practicing her archery, it isn’t safe here.”

What did he mean?  Was he saying that her archery skills were too lacking?

Chen Ning looked at Mo Chuan with a suspicious gaze.

Who would have thought that Xiao Ru would understand his meaning.  She said with a wink, “Young miss, have bodyguard Hei teach you how to shoot arrows.  You will definitely be able to beat that bastard highness.  This servant will go and help Chun Tao make some desserts.  Bodyguard Hei, there will be your favourite plum cakes and lotus cakes.”  She said this and ran off with a giggle.

The recipe for these two dishes were given to Chun Tao by Chen Ning.  After she made them, everyone all loved them, but no one thought that Mo Chuan would actually eat the most.

Chen Ning never thought that a cruel assassin like Mo Chuan would like sweet and crunchy foods.

Mo Chuan’s black eyes slightly narrows as he watched Xiao Ru run off.

Everyone said this girl was dumb, but she had her moments of cleverness.

“You hold a bow like this.  Grip it with your index finger and thumb, and hold the arrow with your bent index finger, while you pull back with your other three fingers….”  Mo Chuan took the bow from Chen Ning’s hands and took an arrow from the side, notching it in.  He was slowly putting on a demonstration.

“Don’t look at the arrow’s target.  Quickly pull it and slowly release, just like this….”  His hand released.

“Xiu!”  The arrow flew through the air, landing on the bullseye.

“Good shooting skills!”  Chen Ning clapped and praised.

Mo Chuan casually looked over at her and handed the bow back, “You try.”

Chen Ning learned the way the way he was holding the bow.  Mo Chuan shook his head and said, “Wrong, it’s like this.”

He reached out and held her hand, correcting her wrong way of holding the bow.

Chen Ning was focused on learning, not noticing that the two of them were very close together.

Mo Chuan’s tall and slender body had his hands wrapped around her chest, with her back against his chest.  Her eyes were sparkling as she had a faint smile on her face.

“Let go!”  As soon as Mo Chuan spoke, Chen Ning’s hand released and the arrow flew out.

This time did not miss, landing right in the center.

“Not bad, you learn quite fast.”  Mo Chuan slightly lowered his head and looked at her.

A few wisps of hair brushed over his nose, feeling itchy, but also giving off a sweet fragrance.  It was the exact same fragrance that came from her body.

He suddenly thought about the night she was drunk.  On that deserted street, he had her in his embrace just like this.  At that time, her face was red as she smiled and called him a big bad wolf, and calling herself a little white rabbit.  Seeing her petite figure in his embrace, she really was like a little white rabbit.

“It’s because your teaching is good.”  Chen Ning did not see his burning eyes staring right at her.  This was her first time hitting the bullseye and she was very excited.  Turning her head, she said, “Xiao Hei, I…..”

She did not know that he had lowered his head and was so close.  Turning her head like this, her forehead touched his lips, like she was turning around to let him kiss her.

The two of them were both shocked.  For a moment, no one moved.

Mo Chuan’s lips remained on her forehead.  That soft feeling instantly turned his body stiff.

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