Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 289

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Chapter 289: Who’s took advantage of who

Chen Ning’s reaction compared to his was much more natural.  Shaking hands, hugging, and kissing cheeks were common greetings in the modern era.  It was just polite gestures and did not mean anything else.

She only felt a little embarrassed.

She gave a gentle cough and then left his embrace.  Slightly knitting her brow, she picked up another arrow and notched it to the bow.  With a bright smile, she said, “If I can hit it this time, I’ll call you teacher.”

Mo Chuan stared right at her face, his eyes burned with strange tiny flames.

His chest burned with a strange anger.

How could she treat it like nothing!

That feeling just now, was it simply his imagination?

Did nothing happen between them?

“Ya, I didn’t hit it.”  Chen Ning regretfully shook her head.  She put down the bow and looked over, seeing that Mo Chuan was still in the same position as before.

It seemed as if he still had not reacted to the accident just now.

Chen Ning rubbed her nose and her face became a little warm.

She really did not do it on purpose.  This Mo Chuan, would he misunderstand that she had taken advantage of him?

That’s right, people of the ancient era like them saw this as very serious.

“Wu, Xiao Hei, earlier…..Earlier…..It was simply an accident, just a coincidence.  Oh, no, no, I just turned my body around and I really wasn’t taking advantage of you, hey!  Why do you keep staring at me?  You wouldn’t want me take responsibility, right?  It’s not that big of a deal actually, isn’t it just your lips accidentally touching my forehead?  If you think that I took advantage of you, then I’ll return it.”

She raised her head and kissed him on the chin.

Who told him to be that tall?  Since she could not reach his forehead even standing on her tiptoes, she could only kiss him on the cheek.

But after she kissed him, she realized that he was still wearing the human skin mask, so her lips had just touched dead human skin.  Her expression immediately changed and her throat went dry as she wanted to puke from disgust.

Mo Chuan still had not recovered from being suddenly kissed.  When he saw her disgusted expression, his face turned green, then purple, and finally becoming black.

His hands turned into fists and his bones began to creak.  His eyes seemed like they were releasing flames, making him look like an angry lion.

What, what, what did she mean by this!

Was there anyone as humiliating as her?

Kissing him once made her this disgusted?  He wasn’t some kind of shameless thing!

In that instant, Mo Chuan suddenly had a strong urge to strangle this woman to death!

Chen Ning was stroking her chest when she suddenly felt a cold chill.  She turned to see Mo Chuan’s terrifying cold eyes and his angry knitted brows, suddenly feeling shocked.

How did she suddenly anger him?  She didn’t do anything, right?

“Am, I, dirty?”  Mo Chuan forcefully controlled his breathing.  His words were forced out word by word through clenched teeth, bringing a cold feeling with it.

“Of course not.”  Chen Ning was stunned before realizing why he was angered to the point of becoming a lion.  She suddenly bent over with laughter.

“I, I, I…..I do not think you are dirty.  It is your human skin mask that makes me feel disgusted.  When I think about how I just kissed dead human skin that might have even come from a butt, I want to puke…..Ou!”  She laughed as she spoke.  When she said the word “butt”, her stomach turned and she almost threw up.

A gentle palm fell onto her back, patting and stroking her.

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