Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: What’s yours will be yours

Zhui Feng’s eyes looked over at Chen Ning before he bent down and said, “This servant will leave now.  I ask your highness…..to perform this duty as soon as possible.”

He slowly moved back.  The grey figure swayed and disappeared without a trace.

“Xiao Bai, who is this Zhui Feng person?”  Chen Ning saw this and could guess a bit of it.

“He is the most trusted hidden guard of the emperor.”  Chu Shao Bai let out a long sigh and then with an indignant face, he said, “My royal uncle likes to cause trouble for me.  Ning’er, I will leave the capital for a bit and won’t be able to accompany you for a few days.  You…..have to be on your guard.  Also, you have to keep your distance from that brat Hei, or he’ll have ideas about you.”

Chen Ning felt that this was very funny.  She forced down her smile as she nodded and said, “Alright, I got it.  You can be assured when doing your work.”

Chu Shao Bai did not say anything and she did not ask, but matters regarding the royal family were things one should know less of.

“You can be assured, I will be back before the day of the hunt.  I will think of a win for you to win and will not allow you to be confined in the palace by my third brother.  Ning’er, just wait for my return!”

Chen Ning nodded with a faint smile, “Xiao Bai, it isn’t life or death, there’s no need to be this reluctant.”

Chu Shao Bai’s face turned red.  He was very reluctant.  He had just tasted a sweet moment with her when it was disrupted by the emperor’s orders, giving him no time to say anything else.

Somehow, he suddenly had a kind of feeling that once he came back, she wouldn’t be his anymore.

“Ning’er, I…..Can I hug you?”  He boldly looked right at her.  His nervous heart was beating very fast.

Chen Ning’s face couldn’t help turning red.  Before she even had a chance to say anything, she heard Zhui Feng’s voice coming from the window.

“Your highness hugging a person is not an urgent matter.  When your highness comes back, what is your will still be yours.”  The voice was very casual, but it was also a bit teasing.

“Zhui Feng, you’re seeking death!”  Chu Shao Bai’s face was embarrassed and angry.  He suddenly jumped out the window, looking back at Chen Ning with a deep gaze and leaving a single sentence, “Wait for me!”

His white clothes swayed and he already jumped into the bushes to the side.

When Chu Shao Bai left, although he said he would return by the hunt, Chen Ning had a habit of always making preparations.

Whether Chu Shao Bai would appear or not, she would not give up that easily.

Since it was a hunting competition, it wouldn’t just require one to have excellent riding skills, but also excellent archery skills.

Chen Ning knew her own weakness, so she placed several grass targets in the yard and began to practice her archery.

However, archery was not a single action and once could not just remember how to shoot an arrow.

Every time, her arrow would hit the edge of the target, or fly over the target, or land right in front of the target.

“You’re holding the bow wrong.”  Mo Chuan’s voice suddenly came from behind her.

Even though Chen Ning was used to his suddenly appearance, she was still scared and her fingers came loose, letting the arrow in her hand fly out.  It was not aimed at the target, but flying right at Xiao Ru watching from the side.

Xiao Ru was frozen with fear, not moving at all.

“Xiao Ru, move out of the way!”  Chen Ning shouted in shock.

A flash appeared in front of her and Mo Chuan’s black figure charged after the arrow, moving faster than the arrow itself.

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