Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: Stealing a chicken to end up with nothing

“This maid of yours is quite interesting.”  Mo Chuan looked at Xiao Ru’s leaving figure and suddenly said.

“She is interested in that Xiao Si of yours.”  Chen Ning slowly said.  With a smile, she looked at Mo Chuan, “You watched the play for so long, why didn’t you come out earlier?”

“If I did appear, I would have made the situation worse.”  Mo Chuan replied.

Chen Ning praised him in her heart.  This man really was an intelligent person.

When she was facing Chu Shao Yang alone, she was very eloquent and calm. She could act this way because she had a clear conscience.  Her only worry was that Mo Chuan would suddenly appear.  Chu Shao Yang always flew into a rage when he saw Mo Chuan, which would have made it harder for her to cross this trial.

“This time, it is probably another scheme from that woman.  Do you still plan on enduring it all?”  Mo Chuan stared into her eyes as he spoke.

“Don’t you think that she gained nothing this time?”  Contrary to Mo Chuan’s expectations, not only was Chen Ning not angry, she actually revealed a wide smile.  It was like a little chicken stealing fox.

“Why do you say this?”

“Public rumours can melt metal and accumulated infamy can break bones, the hardest thing to prove is one’s innocence.  However, Chen Bi Yun thought of this great method and had given it to me.  Tell me, shouldn’t I be thanking her for her actions?”  Chen Ning rolled her eyes and suddenly thought of a good method.

“Then how do you want to respond to her?”  Mo Chuan was curious.

“She’s pregnant and needs to eat nourishing food, so I’ll send something good to her.”  Chen Ning’s eyes looked over at the white bellied carp in the pond.  She clapped her hands and then spoke with a smile on her face.

Chen Bi Yun could not eat anything at all.  She leaned against her bed and it felt like her chest was stuffed up, not liking anything she saw.

There were no secrets in the king’s.  Very quickly, everything that happened in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion was completely passed to her ears.

She never would have thought that her good method to completely frame Chen Ning would actually be used to prove her innocence in front of everyone like this!

She was so angry that she almost cracked her teeth.

The messenger could not see that her expression had already changed and continued to report everything to her that happened.

“Then Housekeeper Xu personally sent fifty cranes, ten birds and fifty fishes over to the princess consort’s Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  I heard that he spend a lot of money to buy them.”

“She only had a few fishes die, why would he send over fifty of them!”  Chen Bi Yun was even angrier.  Each of the fishes cost quite a bit of money and even though his highness spoiled her, he only gave her ten of them.

She was more angry the more she thought about it.  She grabbed the vase beside her and smashed it.

With a “kuang lang” sound, the vase was shattered to pieces.

“Concubine consort!  What happened?”  The two maids sent over by Housekeeper Xu heard the sound and were scared when they saw what happened.

“This concubine’s stomach…..stomach is hungry.”  Chen Bi Yun rolled her eyes and smoothly made an excuse, “Go to the kitchen and make something for this concubine to eat.”

The two maids came back with two boxes filled with food that looked dazzling and was very fragrant, there was even a soup inside.  It was as white as snow and exuded a fragrant smell.

Chen Bi Yun was not hungry at first, but once she smelled the fragrance of the soup, she said, “Bring the soup over for me.”

This soup was fragrant and fresh, bringing a little spice with it, making it very appetizing.  Chen Bi Yun was filled with satisfaction.

She unconsciously drank all of it before saying, “What soup is this?  The taste is quite good.  Give an order to reward the person who made this soup.”

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