Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: Chen Family’s daughter

“That’s right, Xia He, go and tell Housekeeper Xu that his highness brought a large group of people to my yard and killed off the cranes in my yard, scared off my birds, and killed all the fish in my pond.  Have him send ten times the amount in compensation.”  Chen Ning directly framed this matter on Chu Shao Yang.

Since she didn’t feel any pain from spending his money!

“Yes, princess consort.  This servant will go now!”  Xia He happily left.

“Princess consort, this servant will make something delicious for you.”  Chun Tao smiled and ran off to the kitchen.

There was only Xiao Ru left with Chen Ning, blinking as she stared at her.

“What are you thinking about little girl?”  Chen Ning stared at her before sitting at the dresser, and wiped off the makeup on her face.

“Young miss…..”  Xiao Ru bit her lips, starting but then stopping.

“If you have something to say, then say it.  You’re not allowed to match me with anyone!”

After being shocked by Chen Ning, Xiao Ru blurted out, “Young miss, are you planning to be with his highness forever?”

Chen Ning was stunned, but then smiled and said, “Of course not. What made it seem like I would stay with him for a lifetime?”

“Then…..Then……Why did the young miss have to prove her innocence?  Isn’t it better for his highness to misunderstand?  Wouldn’t he divorce you then and you can finally be free of the king’s palace?  When the time comes, whether young miss likes Bodyguard Hei or the immortal young master, you can be with who you want to be with.”

Xiao Ru was wholeheartedly thinking about Chen Ning.

When Chen Ning heard her naive words, her heart was moved.  She beckoned towards her, and made her sit down.  She held her hand and said, “Xiao Ru, there are some things you don’t understand.  There are things that people can do and can’t do.  I do indeed want to leave this palace, but I don’t want to bear the name of being impure as I leave!  I am the Chen Family’s daughter, and my father is Grand General Chen, the man who had shed blood for the country and is loved and honoured by all.  I, as his daughter, cannot destroy that honour!  Let me tell you, when I do leave this palace, I want Chu Shao Yang to kowtow to me and send me off!  Do you believe that this day will come?”

Her eyes glowed with a tough light.  Hearing this, Xiao Ru’s blood boiled and her face turned red as she said, “Young miss, this servant believes that day will come!”

“I also believe so.”  Chen Ning smiled as she pinched Xiao Ru’s little cheeks.  Her eyes looked over at the window and said, “Since you’re here, why don’t you come in?  Hiding outside and eavesdropping really doesn’t suit your Bodyguard Hei status, right?”

“Hei, Bodyguard Hei?  He’s here?”  Xiao Ru suddenly jumped up and looked over at the window.

The windows had been shattered apart by Chu Shao Yang.  All she saw was the scenery, with not a single person in sight.

Xiao Ru felt that her eyesight had turned bad when a person had suddenly appeared in the room.  She was surprised and happy as she clapped her hands and said, “Bodyguard Hei, since you’re back, where is Xiao Si?  Is he here with you?”

Chen Ning’s lips curled a bit and angrily gave a gentle slap to the back of Xiao Ru’s head.  She scolded, “Xiao Ru, restrain yourself!”

Mo Chuan’s eyes flashed with a faint trace of a smile.  His eyes looking at Xiao Ru were very gentle and even his voice was no longer ice cold.

“You want to see Xiao Si?”

Xiao Ru wanted to nod, but suddenly saw Chen Ning staring at her with hard eyes and lowered her head, not saying a word.

“Xiao Ru, go out for now.  I have some things to discuss with Bodyguard Hei.”  Chen Ning felt a headache from watching Xiao Ru’s hesitant actions and had sent her out first.

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  1. passingbyreader says:

    Have him send ten times the amount in compensation.” Chen Ning directly framed this matter on Chu Shao Yang. -> PFT Hahahahahahaha.

    Hehe, Xiao Si and Xiao Ru look to be getting along just fine despite Chen Ning trying to protect her 😛

  2. Annise chen says:

    If he’s the emperor does that mean Xiao Si is an eunuch.

  3. lienny says:

    in the chinese history people with the same surname can not get married.

    • DXHaseoXD says:

      Xiao is not their surnames, it’s an affectionate way to call younger people. So their names are actually Ru and Si, but we don’t know their surnames.

  4. admiralen says:

    As usual Xiao Ru is retarded…
    “Why dont you wanna seem like a cheater to the man that tried to constantly kill you over the smallest thing, surely he wouldnt do anything bad to you after being cucked?”

  5. joellyanne says:

    XR as a servant wanted to have the best for her master, unfortunately she’s a bit too naive CN is trying to make her more straight wise… Thanks.

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