Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: That cheap woman is hypocritical

A maid responded, “Reporting to the concubine consort, this is carp soup.  I heard that the princess consort personally sent someone to get ingredients from the kitchen and the method of making the soup was personally taught by the princess consort.  If the concubine consort likes it, then this servant can fetch another bowl for the concubine consort.”

She did not even have time to turn around before she heard a “wa” sound.  Chen Bi Yun had completely vomited the carp soup that she had just drank.

Chen Ning, I, Chen Bi Yun can’t coexist with you!

Her heart made this oath and she felt the urge to vomit again which she could not stop.

When the news was sent over to the Flowing Cloud Pavilion, Xiao Ru broke out in joyful laughter, laughing so hard that she could not speak.

“Young miss, how could you be certain that the second miss would drink the carp soup?”  She forced down her laughter and asked.

“What?  Are you looking down on your young miss’ cooking skills?”  Chen Ning looked over at her.  Chen Ning had a bowl of white fish soup in front of her that was very fragrant.

She smiled and then took a sip before saying, “This kind of delicious soup, she actually spat it all out.  Ai, that cheap woman really is hypocritical!”

When Xiao Ru, Chun Tao, and Xia He heard this, they couldn’t help laughing.

The three of them were laughing, but it suddenly became quiet like they had become mutes.

Chen Ning felt that it was strange.  Looking over, she saw that Mo Chuan had appeared in front of the window, looking like a ghost.  His whole body was releasing a cold aura.  It was no wonder the three maids were so scared that they could not speak.

She smiled and sent the three of them away.  Then she beckoned to Mo Chuan, “Xiao Hei, come and have some fish soup.  It’s fragrant and fresh, I’m sure you’ll love it.”

The fish soup was fragrant and fresh, but when Mo Chuan thought of how it was made from the fish he killed last night, he did not have any appetite.

“Your tricks are all quite new.”

Chen Ning smiled and said, “Aren’t you looking down on my goodwill?  I’ve also drank this fish soup, it’s fresh and nutritious.  She’s the one that doesn’t recognize good things.”

She held her chin as she looked at Mo Chuan.  She rolled her eyes before she suddenly thought of something.  With a bright smile, she said, “Xiao Hei, if you don’t like fish soup, I have another specially prepared soup for you.”

Mo Chuan’s eyes lit up, “Oh?”

He saw Chen Ning take out a pot of glowing red pepper soup from behind her and place it in front of him.

“Pepper soup?”  He couldn’t help frowning.  The smell coming from his nose clearly told him how spicy this thing was.

Did she want him to drink this?

“That’s right.  You and Xiao Bai ruined my yard last night and even dislocated my arm, so how should I punish you?  Xiao Bai already drank this soup, so do you not dare to drink it?”  Chen Ning deliberately teased him.

She had already had a meal with him in the Tai He Floor restaurant, but his noble way of eating had left a deep impression on her.  She remembered that he liked to eat sweet foods and did not touch the spicy ones.

He was a young master who did not like to eat spicy foods.

Mo Chuan wanted to push this pepper soup away, but when he heard Chen Ning’s comments, he picked it up and began to drink it all in one breath.  He drank it even faster than when he was drinking wine.

His movements were too quick and Chen Ning did not have time to react before he placed an empty bowl right in front of her.

“Xiao Hei, you……you…..Is it not spicy?”  Her eyes stared right at him.

Mo Chuan had a mask on his face, so she could not see his expression.  However, his ears instantly turned red, glowing even brighter than the red peppers.  

“……”  He wanted to say that it wasn’t spicy, it wasn’t spicy at all.

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