Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 281

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Chapter 281: Running faster than a rabbit

“Alright!”  Chu Shao Yang looked over at the group of people and said in a deep voice, “Mother Lin, come here!”

Mother Lin came out of the crowd and greeted Chu Shao Yang and Chen Ning, “This servant has seen your highness and the princess consort.”  She was very respectful, unlike the two mothers from the palace.

“You are this king’s wet nurse and this king’s most trusted person, so we’ll have you try it.  The other one?”  Chu Shao Yang’s gaze fell onto Xiao Ru.  With a cold voice, he said, “Chen Ning, how about you call your dowry maidservant to try it?  Do you dare?”

Calling her main servant out, Chu Shao Yang’s doubts towards Chen Ning were very clear.  He was even suspecting that her servant was having relationships  with others.

He deliberately called out Xiao Ru, wanting to slander her in front of everyone.

Chen Ning nodded.  With a wave of her hand, she said, “Alright.  Xiao Ru, come over.”

Xiao Ru was being held by the guards outside the yard, so she could hear everything.  She broke free of their grip and rushed forward without any hesitation.

“Young miss, this servant is willing.”

“Very good, Xiao Ru.  Roll up your sleeve.”  Chen Ning gave Xiao Ru a smile of approval.  Then she turned to Mother Lin and said, “Mother Lin, please roll up your sleeve as well.”

The two of them rolled up their sleeves, and revealed their left arms.  One was white as jade, while the other was as dry as old bamboo shoots.

Chen Ning took a small amount of the Palace Guarding Sand and then placed it on their arms.

“Bring some water over.”  She said.

Chu Shao Yang looked over and immediately someone had brought over a pot of water.

“Wash it yourselves.”  Chen Ning said.

Xiao Ru and Mother Lin took some water and washed their arms.

“Yi?”  Xiao Ru forcefully rubbed her arm.  Not only did the red dot not disappear, it had become even brighter.

Mother Lin had gently wiped her arm and the little dot had completely disappeared.

This result was expected by Chu Shao Yang.  He then looked over at Chen Ning.

“It seems like this Palace Guarding Sand is not fake.”  Chen Ning understood Chu Shao Yang’s meaning.  She slowly rolled up her left sleeve, revealing a snow white arm.

Chu Shao Yang stared at her arm, feeling like it was very familiar, but not being able to remember where.

He couldn’t help frowning.

Chen Ning curled her lips into a ridiculing smile and said, “If your highness feels like my arm is ugly, then you don’t have to look at it.  There’s no need to make that kind of expression!”

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned red and angrily yelled, “If you don’t dare try it, just say it!”

Chen Ning did not utter a word and picked up some sand.  She applied a small amount onto her left arm which looked like a little plum blooming in the snow, looking very tempting.

She used the water to rinse it off, but instead it had become even brighter.

“Your highness, this princess is innocent and has proven it to the public.  Does your highness have anything else to say?”  Chen Ning’s eyes swept over the crowd and then eventually fell onto Chu Shao Yang’s face.

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned blue and then red.  His eyes stared right at Chen Ning, revealing a complex look, as if he could not understand what Chen Ning was thinking.

“You, look out for yourself!”

After a long pause, Chu Shao Yang had suddenly said this before turning to leave.

Everyone had come with Chu Shao Yang on a punitive expedition, but no one could have imagined this result.  They all felt ashamed as they carefully followed behind Chu Shao Yang.  Mother Meng and Mother Jiang from the palace ran off faster than rabbits.

Only Mother Lin respectfully paid her respects to Chen Ning before leaving.

This group of people had arrived in an aggressive manner, but had left without doing anything.  Their arrival was quick and their departure was even quicker.

The three maids of the Flowing Cloud Pavilion ran in front of Chen Ning, and grumbled without stop.

They looked as if they had encountered a disaster earlier, but were now filled with happy smiles.

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