Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: A broken phoenix can’t compare to a chicken

“So it was actually the princess.  Why are you not dead?”  Xia He wrinkled her brow as she spoke in a disrespectful tone.

“What’s wrong?  You want me to die that badly?”  Chen Ning saw the jade bracelet on her wrist and her lips drew back into a smile, “That’s right, if I die, then you can take this ice lotus jade bracelet, isn’t that right?”

Xia He’s face turned cold as she hid her left hand behind her body and loudly said, “What ice lotus jade bracelet?  This servant does not understand what the princess is saying.”

“He, he, also there’s you.”  Chen Ning turned to look at Chun Tao.  Her eyes fell onto the servant’s wrist as she coldly smiled and said, “The jade bracelet you’re wearing is called Heavenly River Golden Jade, it is really precious.  You actually have a pretty good eye.”

Chun Tao’s face turned white, but she spoke with a calm expression, “This bracelet was given to this slave by her mother.  This slave is truly ignorant, she didn’t know that it was called Heavenly River Golden Jade.”

Seeing the obvious lies of these two maidservants, it was clear that they were stealing the young miss’ bracelets but they kept saying it belonged to them.  Xiao Ru’s face could not help turning completely red.

“You guys, you guys are truly shameless…..”  She pointed at these two arrogant maidservants.  She was so angry she couldn’t say anything.

She turned around and looked at Chen Ning, “Young miss, they’re stealing your bracelets.  You have to properly teach them a lesson!”

When Chen Ning made a move earlier, Xiao Ru still remembered how she had made knocked all those maids and guards onto the ground.  She was certain that the young miss would not let these two thieves go.

Chen Ning did not seem to notice her look of anticipation, she didn’t even get angry.  Rather her lips tilted up and turned into a smile.

“This is my first time meeting these two maidservant sisters and I don’t have anything good to give.  Let’s just count these two bracelets as presents from me to you, I hope these two sisters like them.”  She smiled and said.

“What!”  Xi Ru and two maidservants could not believe what they just heard.

“Young miss, you……you……”  Xiao Ru’s eyes popped out as she found it hard to believe.  She then said, “How can you use what the madame has left you as a gift for others?  Also, how could you give it to these two cheap people?  Did you forget how they treated you?  They…….They didn’t even help you when you were dying.  They even  added insult to injury!”

She felt that the dominating young miss was gone.  She had once again returned to being the submissive and timid person she was before.

Her heart was anxious as she was close to bursting into tears.

Chun Tao and Xia He both felt proud as the raised their noses and snorted.

This princess could be considered smart.  She knew how to please them.

It had to be known that a broken phoenix could not compare to a chicken.  A princess that wasn’t favoured could not even compare to a single maidservant of this king’s palace.

“The princess’ gift, these servants won’t be rejects.”  The two maidservants gave a cold smile.

Xia He paused and then said, “The princess is a noble person, these servants cannot possibly be a sister to her.  This servant is named Xia He and she is Chun Tao.  If there is nothing that the princess needs, then these servants will withdraw now and not accompany the princess to chat.”

She pretended to praise Chen Ning as she prepared to leave with an arrogant expression.

“You guys, aren’t allowed to leave!”  Xiao Ru grit her teeth in hatred as she blocked the door with stretched arms.

These two maidservants were even haughtier than the young miss!  Also once they left, they would go and report to his highness.

“What kind of thing are you, move out of the way!”  Xia He stared at her with hate filled eyes as she raised her hand to hit her.

She was a daughter of one of the king’s palace’s families.  Her mother and father were both servants with reputations so she could be considered someone with a high standing.  She didn’t even need to pay respects to the princess Chen Ning, how could she care about a little Xiao Ru?

Her hand stopped in midair.

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