Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Are you a person or a ghost

“I never would have thought that poor princess would have something good like this!”  Xia He stroked the jade bracelet as she couldn’t let go of it.

“Un.  Sister Xia He, let’s clean up all these worthless things and throw them away.”  Once Chun Tao obtained this bracelet, she longer cared about anything else that was here.  She also spat at the clothes on the ground.

When Xiao Ru saw this, she was so angry that her eyes turned red.

The young miss is not dead yet and these two maidservants actually dare go through young miss’ stuff and throw them away like trash!  They are really going to far with their bullying!

She could no longer take it anymore as she broke out of Chen Ning’s hands and forcefully pushing open the door.  She then screamed, “You two are really daring!  This is my family’s young miss’ dowry and you dare to actually steal from it!”


Chun Tao and Xia He did not expect that there would be someone outside and they were both startled.  Once they saw that the person standing outside the door was Xiao Ru, they two of them gave a sigh of relief and gave a disdainful snort.

“Wo pei!  It’s the little servant that was given as a dowry.  Weren’t you going mourning for your young miss?  Why are you here?”  Chun Tao narrowed her eyes as she didn’t even bother to look at Xiao Ru.  She picked up a piece of clothing and stuffed it in the box.

They had heard the news that the princess had been caught by his highness not long after she escaped and had been trapped in the wooden shed.  His highness had also personally made a move and hit the princess until she was coughing out blood.  Then he had sent someone to take away the princess’ dead body.

So the two maidservants took advantage of the fact that no one had come to take away Chen Ning’s stuff yet to see if there was anything valuable within.

“Move those dirty hands away.  Don’t touch the possessions of our family’s young miss!”  Xiao Ru ruhed into the room as she snatched the clothes from Chun Tao’s hands.  Seeing the clothing thrown onto the floor, she couldn’t help crying.

“But with all this broken stuff, we wouldn’t want it even if it was given to us.  You should take it all away and sell it all at a pawn shop.  That way you can buy some money to burn for your young miss and don’t forget to buy a grave for both master and servant.”  Xia He spoke while her chin became slanted.  Everything she said was said in a sarcastic tone.

[TL Note: Chinese people burn fake paper money in remembrance of the dead.]

“You……”  Xiao Ru was so angry that she couldn’t even speak.  She pointed at the two jade bracelets on their hands and shouted, “This is the dowry of our young miss, quickly give them back you thieves!  Give it back!”

“What dowry, what thief?  You should stop speaking nonsense.”  Chu Tian and Xia He both gave a cold smile, “His highness has already sent people over to collect your family’s young miss’ corpse, you should go and see her one last time.  If you go too late, you won’t even have the chance to see her one last time!”

After they finished speaking, they heard the door open with a “dang” sound.  A cool breeze blew in causing the door to slightly shake.

“Who is the one cursining me to death?”  A low voice came from the door.

Chun Tao and Xia He were both shocked as they turned to the door.  They saw a white silhouette standing at the door.  With long flowing hair and a expressionless face, she stared at the two of them.

“Ghost……There’s a ghost……”  The two maidservants felt their hairs standing up as their teeth shivered in fright.

This, this wouldn’t be the princess’ ghost, right?

The two of them were scared witless and they almost fainted.

“If you don’t cause trouble, then ghosts won’t come bothering you.  Since you two are this scared of me, what kind of bad things have you been up to?”

Chen Ning had a faint smile as her eyes like water swept across the two maidservants’ faces.  She slowly stepped into the room.

There were two candles lit in the room and her shadow stretched out far from the light, shining onto the floor behind her.

When Xia He lowered her head to look at the floor, she courageously stood up.

If it had a shadow, it was human.  This wasn’t a ghost!

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