Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Deceiving everyone

Chen Ning suppressed her smile, as her eyes filled with thought.

Other than the reasons that she had just told this little girl, she had another important reason for coming to this new house.  That was to find the person that had poisoned her three days ago!

The door was not locked so they gently pushed it open.

Chen Ning remembered that her new room was right in the middle.  She looked over and saw that the other four rooms were dark, but the room in the middle was lit up.  There seemed to be someone inside.

She winked at Xiao Ru and the two of them slowly approached the house, coming up to the entrance.  They saw that there were two maidservants inside rummaging through the room, picking and choosing.

“Sister Chun Tao, this princess is really poor.  The dowry she brought is really shabby.”  The maidservant named Xia He had a round face.  She dug out some clothes from Chen Ning’s suitcase.  Staring at it, she threw it to the side with a look of disgust.

“That’s right, I heard that she didn’t even show herself when she was in the country protector’s palace, what kind of dowry can she get?  We should quickly take anything of worth and we should throw away anything we don’t need.”  Chun Tao had a melon face.  She had two low hanging eyebrows giving her a mean look.  Even the way she spoke was harsh.

Once Xiao Ru saw these two maidservants, she couldn’t help getting angry.

She clearly remembered that these two servants were given to young miss by his highness after they got married.  Only these two liked to look down on her young miss and ignore her.

When young miss had fainted after drinking the bird’s nest porridge, she had cried to the cried to these two maidservants to call the doctor and report to his highness.  But the two of them had raised their noses and one said they were busy and the other said their leg hurt as the left.

Seeing what they were doing, she felt her heart bursting with anger.

Because the box that the two maidservants were rummaging through, it was actually the young miss’ dowry!

The lid of the dowry was opened and the young miss’ clothes were thrown all around.  They were thrown on the ground and the two of them were insulting young miss for how poor she was.  How could she not be angry from this?

She was prepared to explode out when Chen Ning pulled her.  She silently said into her ears, “Shh, don’t say anything.  Let’s hear what they say first.”

“Ya, Sister Chun Tao, did you see what I found?  It’s really beautiful.”

Xia He took out two packets from the bottom of the box, one red and one green.  Although they didn’t know what was inside, but they were embroidered with gold and silver and they looked special.

Once Xiao Ru saw it, she became very excited.  It was almost as if she wanted to rush forward and grab them.

These two packets were left by the madame for the young miss.  The young miss had always treasured these items, how could they be given to these maidservants?

Chen Ning’s hand shot out to hold her back and shook her head at her.  She motioned her not to move and continued to look on from the door.

“Ah!  Such a beautiful bracelet!”

Inside the room, the two maidservants opened the packets and two transparent jade bracelets that were as gentle coloured as a lake.  The breathing of the two became faster as their eyes stared at the jade bracelet without blinking.

Under the light of the candles, the jade bracelet let out a light glow and seemed to create a glowing halo.

Chun Tao and Xia He had seen quite a few good thing so they no longer put unusual things in their eyes any longer.  But when they saw these two jade bracelets, they couldn’t remain calm any longer.

They didn’t even think as they took one each and placed it on their wrists.  They put them up to the candlelight to appreciate it as they clicked their tongues in appreciation.

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