Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Wanting him to kneel and worship

“Young miss, where are we going now?  Are we escaping from the king’s palace?”

Chen Ning held onto the lamp and walked around the dark houses.  She didn’t go far and Xiao Ru felt confused.

“Escape?  Why do I need to escape?”  Chen Ning raised her eyebrows.

“Because…….Because……”  Xiao Ru hesitated because she didn’t dare say it.

“Because I killed a person?”  Chen Ning helped her say it and she gave a light laugh, “Relax, that maid isn’t dead.  I only knocked her unconscious for a bit.”

Xiao Ru let out a sigh of relief as she patted her chest, “That’s good, that’s good.”

“But, young miss, you’ve still injured someone.  Once they report back to his highness, his highness won’t let us go.  Young miss, we should escape into the night.” She quickly began to worry as she spoke.

“No, I won’t escape!”  Chen Ning firmly said, “If I ever have to leave this place, I won’t do it the same way as last time.  I won’t secretly dig a hole and run away.  I will walk openly walk out and Chu Shao Yang will be kneeling in worship as I walk out the King Ding Yuan Palace’s main gates!”

She forcefully gripped her fist as she confidently said.

Xiao Ru stared with her eyes wide in shock.  Was young miss making an oath?  This was simply something that couldn’t possible happen.

Who was King Ding Yuan Chu Shao Yang?  He was the favourite child of the emperor with boundless power.  He was below a single person and above a million people!

How could an arrogant person like that possible kneel and worship the young miss…..

Chen Ning’s eyes were like a cat’s as the shined in the night.

She had already recalled the map from the original body owner’s memories.  As long as the original owner had walked on a road, she would know all about it.

She pulled Xiao Ru’s hand and like walking in her own back yard, she walked all over the place.

The more complicated the road in the king’s palace was, the more she went down these roads.

She walked around for a cup of tea’s worth of time.  The two of them arrived in front of a small stone bridge and on the other side of the small stone bridge was a white courtyard wall.

It could be considered strange that on the way here, they did not meet a single patrol or guard.

Seeing the large red “blessing” characters on the two black doors, Xiao Ru couldn’t help letting out a low cry.

“Young miss, it’s like we’ve come to a new home.”

“That’s right, we are going to a new home.”

Chen Ning stepped onto the stone bridge and raised her lantern.  Looking at this remote little place, she couldn’t help but give a ridiculing smile.

If it wasn’t for the word blessing on the door, no one would have thought that this dilapidated place would be the palace Chu Shao Yang prepared for his new princess.

“Young miss, we shouldn’t go to this new house.  Without his highness’ permission, his highness won’t be happy with us living here.”  Xiao Ru started pulling on Chen Ning’s sleeves, wanting to stop her.

Hearing this, Chen Ning turned her head and looked at Xiao Ru.

“If we go live in the wooden shed right now, would Chu Shao Yang be happy?”  She asked.

“Of course he wouldn’t.”  Xiao Ru immediately shook her head.

Young miss had beaten up the people his highness had sent.  It would be strange if his highness was steaming.  How could he possibly be happy?

“That’s right, whether we live in the new house or the wooden shed, Chu Shao Yang wouldn’t be happy.  So why should we live inside that rotten old wooden shed instead of this brand new house?”  Chen Ning explained as she asked her.

That’s right, that makes sense!

Xiao Ru thought that what Chen Ning said was very logical.

“Young miss, you’re right.  We should live in this new house tonight.”  She clapped her hands and her round face revealed a smile.

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