Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 255

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Chapter 255: Personally seeing it

“Ze, ze, ze, your highness is really attached to little sister Bi Yun, but you can’t do whatever you want with this princess!”

Chen Ning’s smile suddenly disappeared and her cold eyes made Chu Shao Yang’s heart skip a beat.

“If you want to find the truth, then it is very simple.  Take off little sister Bi Yun’s outer clothes and let a random horse smell it.  That horse will go crazy just like the blue and white porcelain horse!”  She said in a very slow manner.

Chu Shao Yang knitted his brows and said, “What is your meaning?”

“Isn’t this very clear?  I don’t know what perfume little sister Bi Yun is wearing, but it attracts horses.  Your highness is so close with little sister Bi Yun everyday, so you should be used to it, but the horses cannot resist this temptation.  So, you can’t blame the horse grooms and you can’t blame the horses, you can only blame the fact that little sister Bi Yun’s perfume is too fragrant!  Otherwise, why wouldn’t the horse go crazy normally?  Why would all the horses go crazy only when little sister Bi Yun appears on the horse track?”

Chen Ning’s words seemed ridiculous, but thinking about it a bit, there was no flaws with her logic.

She didn’t say that everything was Chen Bi Yun’s plan, but rather just pointed out the perfume she was wearing, so Chen Bi Yun was powerless to deny this.

Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help being stunned.  It was more logical the more he thought of it and he slowly began to nod.

Chen Bi Yun’s face turned red and green and she tightly bit her lips.

She looked down to hide the look of hate she had for Chen Ning and began to cry.

“Your highness…..Yun’er doesn’t know anything……Elder sister…..Yun’er really doesn’t know anything……”

Chen Ning curled her lips into a smile, “Good little sister, what are you crying for?  Elder sister didn’t say you were doing it on purpose.”

Chu Shao Yang gently put Chen Bi Yun down and said with cold eyes, “Yun’er, give me your outer clothes.”

For a matter like this, how could he believe Chen Ning’s words?  He had to personally see it to believe it.

Chen Bi Yun’s tearful eyes opened wide and she said in a pitiful voice, “Your highness…..You……You also don’t believe Yun’er?”

“When did this king say that he doesn’t believe you?  This king just wants to test it.”  Chu Shao Yang said with knitted brows.

Chen Bi Yun felt helpless.  She could only take off her outer clothes.

She knew that even though Chu Shao Yang loved her, he could not tolerate people disobeying him.  He loved her kind appearance the most, so even if she was not willing, she still had to act gentle.

“Xiao An Zi, go and call a horse over from the palace.  No, five horses!”  Chu Shao Yang ordered.

“Yes, your highness.”  Xiao An Zi flew off.

The King Ding Yuan Palace did not only have a single horse shed.  There was also another horse shed where the guards were.

In a little while, Xiao An Zi rode a horse back.  Behind him were five different guards riding horse.

They did not wait until they were in front of Chu Shao Yang before dismounting.

Chu Shao Yang held Chen Bi Yun’s outer clothes as he walked in front of the horses with a serious look on his face.  Then he walked in a circle.

“Mount and run!”  He ordered the guards.

The guards did not understand what was happening, but they still obediently mounted the horses.  They did not know where his highness wanted them to go, so they could just run along the horse track.

Chu Shao Yang held Chen Bi Yun’s waist tightly.  His eyes kept staring at the five horses running, while his chin became tense.

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