Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: Too beautiful and too charming

Chen Bi Yun couldn’t help shaking at this moment.  Her face was as pale as paper and her tears fell down.  She gripped Chu Shao Yang’s clothes in a pitiful manner.

“Your highness, Lan Xiang, she…..died such a pitiful death……Your highness must get revenge for Lan Xiang……”

She closed her eyes as she was choking up.  The weak and tender appearance tugged at Chu Shao Yang’s heartstrings and he couldn’t help feeling pain.

He did not care about a dead maid at all, she was nothing more than an ant in his eyes.  What hurt his heart was Chen Bi Yun’s tears.

When he saw her tears, he thought of her appearance eight years ago.  She had a head of wet hair with tears and water covering her face.  The thing he remembered the most clearly was her eyes filled with tears.

“Yun’er, you can be assured.  I will definitely do it for you!”  He confidently said.

“That’s right, your highness, you have to do it for my little sister.  Then how about you kill these horses that wanted to harm my little sister?”

Chen Ning had a smile on her face as she righteously pointed at the horses on the ground.

“You…..”  Chu Shao Yang glared at her.

If he wanted to kill the horses, then he wouldn’t have used so much internal energy to knock them out.

In his eyes, these horses were more important than the horse grooms kneeling on the ground.

“It is clearly the horse grooms fault that this king’s beloved horses went crazy and this calamity happened.  What does it have to do with the horses at all!  It is all these servants’ faults!  This king wants to cut off their heads.  Preventing my orders from being passed, could it be that you ordered them to do this?”

Chu Shao Yang asked Chen Ning in an aggressive manner.

Chen Ning took a step back and fanned her nose, “Your highness’ breath is quite special, did you not brush your teeth this morning?  Next time, you shouldn’t drink deer tail ginseng soup.  Instead have little sister make some yang suppressing clear soup for you.  You say that I was the one who instructed them to do this, but does your highness have any proof?”

Chu Shao Yang gritted his teeth while being filled with hate.

He argued back, “You say that you didn’t do it, so what evidence do you have!”

“It is clearly the horses’ fault, but your highness wants to blame it on people.  Ai, to be honest, the perpetrator of this incident is no one else other than your highness’ beloved, little sister Bi Yun!”

Chen Ning looked over at Chen Bi Yun and stared right at her.

“You…..You’re speaking nonsense!”  Chen Bi Yun’s expression instantly changed and she began to scream back.

“Good little sister, why are you so excited?  Elder sister’s meaning is that little sister Bi Yun is too attractive and charming.  Not only did you charm his highness, you even charmed all of his highness’ horses.  It was the case with the blue and white porcelain horse and it was the same with the dozen of horses today.  He, he, if you’re choosing not to blame the horses, you can only blame little sister for being too attractive that all the horses want to come and ma…..Ah, that’s quite rude.  Your highness, you understand my meaning, right?”

Although Chen Ning did not finish the word “mate”, everyone could still clearly understand what she meant.

Although the horse grooms kneeling on the floor were shaking with fear, they almost couldn’t help laughing when they heard this.

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned livid with anger and he really wanted to cover Chen Ning’s mouth.

He knew that if he allowed Chen Ning to continue speaking, it would be very hard to refute what she said.

“Chen Ning, this king has never hit a woman before, but some women just want to be hit.  So you can’t blame this king for not being polite!”  He slowly gripped his fists together.

The black clothed bodyguard was not here today, so it was fine for him to do whatever he wanted.

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