Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 256

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Chapter 256: The truth being revealed

Chen Bi Yun’s eyes sparkled, but her body was still trembling.  She hugged Chu Shao Yang in an even more pitiful manner.

“Don’t be afraid Yun’er.  With this king here, no one will be able to harm you!”  He tightly hugged her.

Seeing this scene, Chen Ning curled her lips, “I better move away first, otherwise I’ll be caught in the crossfire.”

She said to herself on the date red horse before moving far away from Chu Shao Yang and Chen Bi Yun.

Chen Bi Yun secretly gritted her teeth.  How could she not know why the horses in the stable went crazy?  But in the end, the red date horse Chen Ning was riding on was completely fine!

Thus, not only was her well thought out plan ruined, even her trusted maidservant was dead.

Thinking of Lan Xiang, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.  This time there was nothing fake about these tears at all.

Suddenly, she felt Chu Shao Yang’s arm muscles tense up.  Looking up, she anxiously looked in the direction that he was looking in.

She saw the five horses on the track lose control and charge right at her.  The five guards desperately tried to stop them and the horses were bleeding from the mouth, but it was as if they had completely lost their mind as they charged forth, aiming at Chu Shao Yang.

Seeing these five horses coming closer, Chen Bi Yun’s face became even more white and her trembling became even stronger.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes revealed a sharp glow.  His right hand suddenly flicked and Chen Bi Yun soared high above him, falling onto a tree.

The five horses suddenly changed directions and arrived underneath the tree, trying to kick it down.  It was the exact same scene as before.

Immediately the faces of the guards turned white.  They dismounted and began to kneel down in front of Chu Shao Yang.

“This subordinate should die, this subordinate is no use.  This servant’s horse lost control and suddenly charged at your highness.  Please forgive us your highness!”

They knocked their heads on the ground several times.

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned completely dark, but he just stood there without saying anything.

Chen Bi Yun’s face turned pale and she couldn’t help shaking.  If it wasn’t for Chu Shao Yang tightly holding her, she would have turned into a puddle of water already.

“Your highness, now that everything is already clear.  The real perpetrator is the perfume on little sister Bi Yun’s body.  These horse grooms, horses, and the dead blue and white porcelain are all innocent.  Only the poor servant of little sister, Lan Xiang.  Ai, she really died a pitiful death!”

Chen Ning slowly came over and gave a faint sigh.

Hearing this, Chen Bi Yun almost fainted from her anger.

“Your highness, Yun’er really does not know anything, I really don’t know anything.  Lan Xiang, Lan Xiang has served Yun’er all these years, how could Yun’er want her dead?  Yun’er is…..innocent……”

She choked up and could not keep going.  The tears continued to fall from her eyes and she actually fainted from her grief.

“Yun’er!  Yun’er!”

Chu Shao Yang really wanted to teach Chen Bi Yun a fierce lesson, but he never thought that she would faint like this.  He reached out to catch her and then hugged her in his chest.

His eyes sparkled as he stared at Chen Bi Yun.  Seeing her pale as paper face and those crystal like tears, making her look weak and helpless, he thought of their child in her stomach.  He was angry, but at the same time feeling loving, his heart filled with extremely complicated feelings.

“Are you all dead?  Can’t you see that the concubine consort fainted?  Why aren’t you calling for a doctor yet!”

Chu Shao Yang’s foot flew up and kicked one of the guards in front of him.

His chest was filled with anger as if he was about to explode.

Because the person he wanted to vent on, was his most loved woman who was pregnant with his child.  He could not hit her or scold her!

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