Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: Don’t make a move

Chu Shao Yang’s ice, cold eyes fell onto her face and he coldly said, “What are you doing?”

Seeing the calm Chen Ning, he suddenly thought of something.  Could this be related to her?

But what method did she use to make the horses suddenly go crazy?

She did not have that much skills!

“Your highness, did you forget what I told you yesterday?”  Chen Ning curled her lips as if it didn’t matter.

“What!”  Chu Shao Yang snapped.

Chen Ning winked, “So your highness is quite forgetful.  I told you just yesterday, but you already forgot everything.  It seems like what your highness needs isn’t deer tail ginseng soup, but rather a brain nourishing pill.”

“This king does not have time to waste with you!  Xiao An Zi, why are you not going!”  Chu Shao Yang loudly shouted.

“Your highness really does have a fierce temper.  Since you don’t want to find the killer who wants to harm little sister, I will not say what I want to say.  Since sister has been shocked, your highness should find a doctor for her first instead of letting her kill everyone.  It sounded quite bad and little sister has a child in her stomach, do you still want your child to have a proper birth?”

Chen Ning curled her lips and stared at Chen Bi Yun with a mocking gaze.

Chen Bi Yun couldn’t help trembling and holding onto her stomach.  She buried her head into Chu Shao Yang’s chest and said in a low voice, “Your highness, Yun’er is scared……”

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes turned red with killing intent and fiercely grabbed Chen Ning’s wrist.  Then he growled, “Say it clearly for this king already!”

“Are my words not clear enough yet?”

Chen Ning gave a “ze” sound and then smiled at Chu Shao Yang, “Your highness really likes to move when he’s talking?  Holding my hand like this, aren’t you afraid that little sister Bi Yun would get jealous?”

“You!”  The vein popped out on Chu Shao Yang’s head and he released her wrist like he had been bitten by a snake.

Chen Ning calmly took out a white, silk handkerchief from her chest and wiped the wrist that Chu Shao Yang had just grabbed.

This one move from her almost made Chu Shao Yang explode with rage.

“Chen…..Ning!”  He said slowly.  His eyes were cold as blades.

“If you have something to say, say it nicely, there’s no need to make a move.  Doesn’t your highness want to find little sister’s killer?  We’ve already found it, so why hasn’t your highness dealt with it yet?”

Chen Ning threw the handkerchief to the ground and raised her eyes to look at Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes followed the white handkerchief as the wind blew it away.  His temples were about to burst and his ears were buzzing, he did not hear what Chen Ning said at all.

After a while, he recovered his senses.  After being stunned, he said, “What did you say?  You’ve found the killer?  Where is he?”

Chen Ning pursed her lips into a smile and then pointed at the unconscious horses on the ground before saying, “They’re right there, the horses are the killers!  Didn’t your highness personally say that I ran a horse at little sister because I wanted to hurt her?  These horses charged right at little sister, then how could the escape the crime of killing someone?”

“What nonsense!  Such nonsense!  It has to be someone’s plot!  These horses would not charge at Yun’er for no reason!  Chen Ning, tell me, was it done by you?”

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were ice cold as he stared right at Chen Ning.

“Me?  Your highness is overestimating this princess.  Do I have the skills to do something like this?  Then again, little sister and I are blood related, so how could I be ruthless enough to do something like this?  Isn’t that right little sister Bi Yun?”  Chen Ning raised her brows as she looked at Chen Bi Yun with an interested gaze.

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