Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: Her bottom line

“Chu Shao Yang, listen closely to what I’m saying.  He is called Xiao Hei and is my bodyguard, not some kind of wild man!  I, Chen Ning stand and sit straight.  As long as I am the King Ding Yuan Palace’s princess, I will not do anything that will lose face for my Chen Family!  If you dare to slander either me or Xiao Hei, then I will die with you!  Chu Shao Yang, if you don’t like me, then you can divorce me!  But if you want to slander my honour, then I will not accept this!”

She forcefully spat out each and every word.  Her voice was clear and firm, her eyes were filled with resolution, not blinking at all as she stared right at Chu Shao Yang.

Chu Shao Yang was stunned.

Chen Bi Yun was also stunned.

Everyone on the horse track was all stunned.

Chen Ning raised her chin high up.  Even though her face was painted with the ugly makeup, she seemed like she was releasing a kind of glow.  That firm character made everyone ignore her face.

The black and white of her eye were clearly separated, just like a clear bottomless pool of water, without a single impurity.  It sparkled as it looked over the crowd, including looking over Chu Shao Yang.

“I’ll say this one last time, I, Chen Ning, am pure, proven by the heaven and earth!  If there are any rumours that spread after today, then no matter who it is, this princess will not let them off!”

Her words were completely overbearing.  As her eyes swept over them, no one dared to not believe what she said.

Even if they did not believe her, they still believed the unfathomable black clothed man beside her.  If they dared to provoke such a man, it would truly be seeking death!

Mo Chuan stared at Chen Ning who seemed to be glowing.  It was as if something had hit his chest and shook it, as a strange emotion began to fill his heart.

This was a Chen Ning he had not seen before.  Her pride and her confidence, this was her bottom line that she would not allow anyone to cross.

In his lifetime, this was his first time seeing a girl like this.

He walked over without a word and then picked her up once again.  Being careful not to touch her injury, he carried her like a precious treasure as he turned and left.

Chen Ning did not struggle or complain.  She silently leaned into Mo Chuan’s chest and closed her eyes as she gave a silent sigh.

The wind lifted the corner of her light, blue clothes dyed with traces of gold.

Chu Shao Yang just stood there watching her raised sleeve.  His heart felt empty like there was something missing.

He would remember this scene many years later as clear as day.

It was a pity that at this moment, he did not know what he had just lost.

Chen Ning and Mo Chuan had left for a while, but Chu Shao Yang just stood there with a straight back.

His eyes stared at the direction where Chen Ning had disappeared, not moving at all, as if he had turned to stone.

The horse track was completely silent and one could only hear the wind blowing.

The horse grooms all moved back, no one daring to go forward and talk to him.  Even Chen Bi Yun did not have this courage.

Her heart was filled with hatred towards Chen Ning, especially after seeing Chu Shao Yang’s lost expression.  All her internal organs felt like they had been bitten by a poisonous snake.

She had to make that cheap woman die!

She could not allow her to live another day!

But that cheap woman now had that strong black clothed guard, so it wouldn’t be easy for her to accomplish this.

Chen Bi Yun rolled her eyes and gave a silent cold laugh.  Chen Ning, ah Chen Ning, you might have escaped today, but I want to see if you will be this lucky tomorrow!

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    Nah. Pity should be reserved for those the deserve it. Considering he had all the right to actually have her by his side all this time and didn’t even bother to figure out if maybe she was worth something is a testament to that.

    Even moreso when his savior as s kid is almost guaranteed to be Chen Ning and he literally caused her initial death through indifference. People like this don’t deserve pity.

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