Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: If she was even half of you

Chen Bi Yun slowly walked over to Chu Shao Yang’s side with gentle steps.  Then she softly said, “Your highness, Yun’er has grown up with elder sister and Yun’er completely understands what kind of person elder sister is.  The person she loves the most is your highness and there is no other man in elder sister’s heart.  So you can believe Yun’er when she says that elder sister is definitely pure.  She would not do anything with that bodyguard of hers.  So please believe in elder sister and please believe in Yun’er.”

She spoke the truth, saying exactly what Chu Shao Yang loved to hear.

His face began to slowly relax and finally he revealed some kind of expression.  He looked at Chen Bi Yun, before giving a slow nod.

“You’re right.  She is this king’s princess and the daughter of the Hu Guo Manor’s General Chen’s daughter, this king understands that she wouldn’t dare to do anything scandalous!”

Hearing this, Chen Bi Yun’s eyes flashed with a bit of embarrassment as she unconsciously shrunk back a bit.

At this moment, Lan Xiang had brought the guards to the horse track, but they found that Chen Ning and Mo Chuan were already gone.

“Useless things!”  Chen Bi Yun took out all her anger on Lan Xiang.  She pulled on her ears and hit Lan Xiang to the ground.

“They’re gone already and you only appear now!”  She shouted.

Lan Xiang held her face while being filled with grievances, but she did not dare say anything.

Chen Bi Yun angrily beat her servant without any hesitation, completely breaking her graceful facade.  It was completely different from the gentle appearance she showed Chu Shao Yang.

She finally recovered herself after beating her servant.  She quickly rushed over to Chu Shao Yang’s side.  Chu Shao Yang had been in a daze, so he did not hear what she said or see what she did.

Chen Bi Yun gave a soft sigh and then rolled her eyes.  Her hand touched her stomach and she gently shouted, “Aiyo!”

Chu Shao Yang’s attention was immediately caught by her call and he held her as he asked, “Yun’er, what’s wrong?”

“It might be because of the shock, but my stomach feels uncomfortable.”  Chen Bi Yun slightly knitted her brows and revealed a pitiful appearance.

“Lan Xiang, quickly call the doctor over!”

Chu Shao Yang was suddenly filled with anxiety as he gave an order to Lan Xian while picking up Chen Bi Yun, holding her just like how Mo Chuan held Chen Ning, walking to the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion.  Chen Bi Yun’s mind was filled with sweetness as she grabbed onto his neck.

Without knowing why, Chu Shao Yang suddenly thought of the scene he had just witnessed.  His arms suddenly became stiff and his feet stopped.

But he quickly recovered and carried Chen Bi Yun away.

The doctor said that while Chen Bi Yun had suffered a shock, the child in her stomach was still fine.

Hearing this, Chu Shao Yang’s serious expression finally released.  He sent the doctor away and slammed down on a table as he angrily said, “If something had happened to Yun’er today, I would not have let that cheap woman off!”

Chen Bi Yun said in a gentle voice, “Your highness, you should not blame elder sister.  Yun’er believes that elder sister would not be this ruthless.  Didn’t elder sister already say that she would find the person who harmed Yun’er within three days?  Yun’er believes in elder sister.”

Chu Shao Yang hugged her in his lap while rubbing her stomach.  He said in a deep voice, “Yun’er, you are too virtuous, but you are also too soft.  If that cheap woman had even half of your kindness, this king would not…..”

He suddenly stopped and swallowed what he was about to say into his stomach.  Then he calmly said, “What good things do you have to eat here?  This king’s stomach is empty.”

“There are things.  Yun’er has prepared the dishes your highness loves to eat already.”  Chen Bi Yun gave a warm smile as she clapped her hands to have Lan Xiang bring in the dishes.

Chu Shao Yang stayed in the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion all day.

He stayed with Chen Bi Yun to share meals, watch the flowers, and feed the fish.  Even when the lanterns were lit outside, he still did not leave.

It seemed like he would stay in the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion tonight.

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