Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: Dog that can’t stop eating shit

Chen Ning gently said, “It doesn’t matter if your highness does not believe this princess.  Three days later, if I can’t find that person, then I will personally endure your highness and my little sister’s punishment.  Whether you rip my heart out or cut me to ten thousand pieces, it’s all fine with me!  I only have a single request.”

Chen Bi Yun’s heart was filled with joy, but she asked, “What request?”

Chen Ning’s eyes fell onto her face and then she said with a faint smile, “In the next three days, I want everything to be normal.  I want the palace to seem normal to weed out the snake because I believe that there is someone secretly plotting in the king’s palace.  Your highness, little sister, is this fine with you?”

Chen Bi Yu wanted to say something, but seeing Chu Shao Yang look at her, she immediately looked down.

“Everything to be normal?  Your meaning is you just want to come to this horse track tomorrow and continue to learn horse riding with this king?”  Chu Shao Yang understood Chen Ning’s meaning immediately.

“There is no need for you to teach me anything.  I just want you to personally witness how this princess finds the culprit.”

Chen Ning was not looking at him.  With her cold tone, she was completely different from the person that was just chatting with him.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart felt like it was blocked.

Although her smile was ugly, the cold appearance she showed made him feel even more uncomfortable.

“Alright, this king will give you three day!”  He angrily said.

Chen Ning no longer cared about him and turned to Mo Chuan as she said, “Let’s go.”

She took two steps and then her body suddenly bent over, almost falling to the ground.

Mo Chuan caught her and said in a concerned tone, “What’s wrong?”

Chen Ning did not reply as she stood up with gritted teeth and continued forward, not looking back at all.

Mo Chuan’s expression changed, “Did your foot get hurt?”

He could see that her foot was not touching the ground.  Although she was very good at hiding it, his eyes were still sharp enough to see it.

“Let me see it!”

He grabbed her right foot without any explanation and then rolled up her pant leg to find that her snow, white ankle was swollen, turning a green and blue colour.  His eyes turned cold as he stared at Chu Shao Yang.

Not only did Chu Shao Yang’s palm hit the blue and white porcelain horse, a small portion of the power had also landed on Chen Ning’s ankle.

“It’s fine, it’s not that important.  I just need to put some medicine on it later.”  Chen Ning rolled down her pant leg with an indifferent face and kept walking while enduring the pain.

“I’ll send you back.”  Mo Chuan did not even think before reaching out and picking her up in his chest.

Seeing this scene, Chu Shao Yang’s eyes began to emit flames of rage.  He could not suppress it at all.

“Chen Ning, very good!  The princess is entering into another man’s embrace!  This king will report this back to Grand General Chen and see just how the Hu Guo Manor created a person like you who is not ladylike at all!  Not keeping your modesty and running off with wild men!”  He angrily shouted.

Mo Chuan froze in his steps and turned around as he angrily said.

“You really a dog that can’t stop eating shit!”

His eyebrows suddenly jumped up.  As he was prepared to teach Chu Shao Yang another lesson, Chen Ning reached out and shook her head at him.

“Xiao Hei, let me down.”

He had a puzzled look on his face as he stared at Chen Ning, not understanding her meaning at all.  But he still catered to her will and let her down.

“Chu Shao Yang!”

Chen Ning suddenly looked at Chu Shao Yang with a gaze as cold as ice, without a trace of smile on her face.  She slowly limped over and stopped three feet in front of him.

This man was truly dirty, from his head to his toes.  She was afraid that she would become dirty by getting too close to him.

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